What Signiant Would Have Told You at NAB

What would you have heard at NAB 2021? Lots. While we can’t meet in Las Vegas, you can still learn about recent product updates, how innovative media and entertainment companies are using our technology and see a sneak peek at some of the exciting new capabilities on our roadmap.

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Jet’s Newest Intelligent Transport Delivers Even Faster Performance

The latest update to Signiant’s Intelligent Transport takes Jet’s already exceptional speeds and further increases its performance, with improved transfer rates happening regardless of file size variations, the distance between endpoints, or the environment in which transfers are taking place.

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An Easy, Fast, and Cost-effective Way to Back Up Your WIP

What’s your backup strategy? In a recent survey of the post-production community, half of the respondents reported they don’t back up their WIP daily and only 41% reported using cloud storage. Signiant reviews the results of the survey and discusses modern, easy and cost-effective tools to protect your work.

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Jet Brings a Modern Approach to Inter-company Content Exchange

As media supply chains and workflows become increasingly complex, organizations need access to tools that allow them to avoid inter-company transfer obstacles and connect easily with trusted partners.

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Scheduling Jobs with Signiant Jet

While many of Jet’s applications focus on recurring transfers between source and destination, Jet now includes the ability to start a job manually.

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Introducing AWS S3 Support for Signiant Jet

To back up our belief in storage choice and enhance a growing list of supported storage options, Signiant introduces AWS S3 cloud object storage for Jet.

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February 2021 M&E events: a Signiant primer

2021 is already off to a fast start, and Signiant is excited to share some upcoming February events with you.

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2020: a year in review

Customers are always forefront on our minds, but 2020 raised that to new heights. From conversations throughout the M&E landscape, along with a look at the metrics on our SaaS platform, we are proud of the role Signiant’s software played in helping our customers adapt quickly.

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Post-Transfer Actions for Jet

Workflows are often hectic for all involved, and it’s critical that teams be able to effectively manage their files before, during and after a transfer. Jet automates these repetitive tasks to put less strain on IT and operations teams.

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Chesapeake Systems and Signiant expand partnership

Chesapeake Systems and Signiant are delighted to announce that Chesapeake has become an official Signiant reseller. Having worked as a Signiant SI partner for many years, this deepening of the relationship between the two is an obvious next step given Signiant’s proven capabilities and partnership with key MAM technology partners of Chesapeake Systems and of StorExcel, the company which Chesapeake Systems acquired in April.

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Introducing Inter-company Content Exchange in Jet

As media supply chains and workflows become increasingly complex, and file sizes balloon with the introduction of new formats, resolutions, and effects, it’s essential that organizations have access to tools that allow them to effectively collaborate with their partners.

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rsync may work for some, but not for M&E

We catalogued exactly what makes rsync such an insufficient file transfer solution in the modern media landscape, and the results are worth considering. Despite a well-deserved reputation as a helpful tool for certain industries, rsync simply doesn’t meet the needs of M&E specifically.

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