Jet’s Newest Intelligent Transport Delivers Even Faster Performance

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When Signiant launched Jet, its simple, powerful SaaS solution for automated content exchange, it also introduced brand new acceleration technology to deliver faster-than-ever transfer performance. Backed by this next-generation intelligent transport, Jet achieved remarkable multi-Gbps speeds. Now, with the release of the latest SDCX Server version, Signiant unveils an update to Jet’s patented acceleration. Our newest Intelligent Transport takes software already capable of exceptional speeds and further increases its performance, with improved transfer rates happening regardless of file size variations, or the distance between endpoints, or the environment in which transfers are taking place.

Signiant’s latest Intelligent Transport significantly enhances our use of machine learning to evaluate a wide variety of inputs — from anonymized historical data and current network conditions to compute resources and storage types — to establish the best mix of transfer settings at a given time. The intelligent transport then chooses to use Signiant UDP or standard TCP, and determines the right number of parallel streams, to optimize performance on any IP network. Each time Signiant’s SDCX SaaS platform accesses a media asset, data about the chosen settings, the operating environment, and the achieved results is collected by our SaaS service and used to inform future transfer decisions.

To demonstrate the impressive difference in speed provided by Jet’s Intelligent Transport update, Signiant has organized head-to-head comparisons of the two versions. A recent customer trial saw the run of two Jet transfers, each using identical endpoints, storage locations and network conditions, each moving the same 166.7 GB of data. Only the transport version changed.

Using Signiant’s latest acceleration technology, Jet completed the transfer 58% faster, dropping the time from 12 minutes down to 5.

Weighed against the single-stream TCP mechanisms that are employed by most standard transfer software, Jet reliably moves content faster – no matter the size of files, or how far they are being sent, or the network conditions under which transfers are happening. Jet consistently provides speedy delivery. But now, with the latest update to its acceleration technology, Jet’s faster than ever.

Signiant’s newest Intelligent Transport version is included in SDCX Server version 4.2.0.

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