Media Shuttle Cross-Portal Transfer Activity and History

The words Signiant Console above a cloud with the Jet logo, the Flight logo and the Media Shuttle logo.

Media Shuttle now gives IT and Operations administrators a new level of visibility into all running and completed transfers in a single interface, the Signiant Console. Whether a company’s portals number in the single digits, dozens, or even hundreds, one view now displays all the file movement in progress across portals. This new Media Shuttle functionality also enables a filtered search of all completed transfers and the export of transfer history. While Ops Admins can view, search and export transfer details for all the portals they manage, IT Admins have access to data for all portals included in their Media Shuttle account.

Customers using Signiant Jet will be already familiar with the Signiant Console. It’s the modern, responsive user interface that allows Jet administrators to monitor job activity and exchange content between systems. Now, customers can access Jet, Media Shuttle, or both Signiant SaaS applications, on an integrated platform that provides a faster, more convenient way to monitor and control operations.

Get Access to the Signiant Console

All Media Shuttle administrators can use their existing Media Shuttle credentials to log directly into the Signiant Console at

IT and Operations administrators can also access the Console by clicking a link available in their respective web interfaces.

Signiant Console link in the Operations Administration interface

View Running and Completed Transfers

Once logged into the Console, the Transfers page displays separate tabs for In Progress and Completed transfers. By default, running transfers are sorted according to the soonest ETA, meaning those transfers expected to complete next. Custom views are available by sorting on any column header, such as transfer direction, user email address, or portal name, making it easy to home in on the right files.

Search Across Files, Users, and Portals

The Signiant Console’s advanced search capabilities locate any transferred content across all of the Media Shuttle portals you manage. Search across file names, users, and portals, or narrow the focus to a single category.

Export Your Transfer History

With the Signiant Console, Media Shuttle administrators can now download details for transfers completed on portals over a selected time period. Whether it’s a range of a few days or an account’s entire transfer history, Media Shuttle quickly returns all the information needed for auditing or reporting purposes.

On the Horizon

Cross-portal monitoring, search, and transfer history constitute a first step toward integrating all IT and Operations administration functionality on the new Signiant Console platform. Stay tuned for more updates to Signiant Console features in the coming months.

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