Back to the Future with Signiant at NAB 2022!

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After three years of unprecedented growth building on our foundation of world-class fast file movement, Signiant is excited to return to the 2022 NAB Show and connect with our industry colleagues for some much-needed face time!

Schedule a meeting with us in Las Vegas to learn how our ongoing commitment to innovation can help transform your operations.

Introducing Media Engine 

Just announced, Media Engine is a modern media management service built into the Signiant Platform. Our SaaS customers will be able to easily search, preview and take action on media assets across all their Signiant-connected storage, from anywhere in the world. It will enable federated searches across multiple content repositories, both on-premises and in the cloud. Results are immediately actionable via the powerful services available on the platform anchored by Signiant’s best-in-class fast file transfer.

Cloud I/O

While Cloud I/O isn’t new to Signiant, it is a huge area of growth and innovation.

  • Signiant’s software is used to move petabytes of valuable content to and from AWS, Azure and GCP every month with proven speed, security, and reliability. The volume of data our software moves monthly to and from the cloud has grown by 514%, that’s right more than 5X, since NAB 2019.

Growth drivers include:

  • Cloud ingest applications driven by the explosion of streaming services

  • Fanout distribution, where the massive bandwidth of the public cloud platforms is leveraged to provide many endpoints with access to large files simultaneously

  • Multi-cloud imperatives where companies are both diversifying their cloud strategies and accessing best-of-breed services from the various cloud providers

  • Replacing dedicated connections such as AWS DirectConnect and Microsoft ExpressRoute with far better flexibility, economics, visibility and control

  • Automatic backup of WIP to the cloud

  • The shift to remote work accelerated by the pandemic

Jet for Enterprises

  • At NAB 2019 we first introduced Signiant Jet, an award-winning SaaS product that, for the first time, made lightning fast, automated file movement accessible to SMBs. Thanks to continued innovation, an enterprise version of Jet is now available to navigate more complex networks — adding bandwidth controls, firewall relays, expanded APIs and more.

  • With the enterprise version and with Jet’s unique inter-company capability, there is no easier, faster or more economical way to automate content exchange between companies of all sizes.

  • Jet employs Signiant’s fastest transport yet, with our recently patented architecture that uses machine learning to adapt to network conditions and data sets in real-time and is capable of speeds of multiple Gbps. Jet is the fastest service of its kind on the market.

  • As a SaaS product that supports on-premises storage endpoints as well as cloud object storage, Jet offers customers far better agility, optionality, and economics than traditional methods.

  • With added support for Google Cloud Storage in Jet now you can use Google’s object storage as either a source or a destination endpoint for a transfer.

Media Shuttle surpasses 1,000,000 global users from more than 50,000 companies

Since NAB 2019, Media Shuttle has seen explosive growth more than doubling its number of connected companies and global end-users. Remote work initiatives, security requirements from the studios, broadcasters and streaming services and cloud imperatives have all been significant growth drivers.

  • Media Shuttle now supports Google Cloud Platform in addition to AWS and Azure and supports on-prem file and object storage offering a consistent user experience to access and share any-size file across any hybrid cloud, multi-cloud storage environment.

  • Media Shuttle has expanded its APIs and has been integrated with dozens of media technology products.

  • New administration capabilities are being added to the Signiant console where all Signiant SaaS products can be managed from a centralized location.

And much more…

Signiant’s mission is to help media companies gain efficiencies in their supply chains, allowing them to do more with less, to move faster and to remain agile. Whether moving content to and from the cloud, exchanging content with partners or enabling people to access and share media assets anywhere, our cloud-native SaaS products offer highly favorable economics with unmatched time-to-value, often measured in hours or days, not weeks and months.

We have lots to share. To learn more, schedule a virtual meeting with Signiant today!

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