Signiant Welcomes Glenn Broere to the Team!

image of Glenn Broere

Signiant is pleased to welcome Glenn Broere to the EMEA sales team. Glenn will be working closely with Greg Hoskin, Managing Director EMEA & APAC. This appointment is another example of Signiant’s commitment to the media and entertainment industry as Glenn brings a wealth of industry experience.

Glenn sat down with us to briefly explore his time in media and entertainment and where he sees the industry moving.



Tell us a bit about your background in media.

I have been working with M&E customers worldwide since 2012, specifically with companies with operations in EMEA.

What do you enjoy most about working in the media industry?

Days are sprinkled with variety and humor; it’s very rare to experience a dull week in M&E! The industry is constantly consuming and creating new technology and products for the world to enjoy. I love this entrepreneurial side of the market. There simply is a constant buzz around this industry that is a delight to experience and be a part of.

Why did you decide to join Signiant?

Signiant’s advanced transport technology and cloud and SaaS innovations cement its position as a market leader. I’m looking forward to contributing to Signiant’s success and growth by bringing these technologies into our expanding customer base. It’s a particularly exciting time to join whilst Signiant is on a huge growth trajectory, with plans for a broader platform vision that will continue to bring benefits to the industry at large.

Is there a specific sub-vertical or element of the industry that you find particularly exciting?

Movie production and live-sports production workflows continue to push the envelope on what is possible, leveraging our technology and that of a wider ecosystem. It is evolving and innovating at a pace that continues to amaze me — last year’s vision has become the reality of today.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing media companies today?

Driving down TCO and reducing complexity, whilst continuing to create agile, efficient cloud-based workflows is high on everyone’s agenda. These are areas where Signiant excels.

Give us a prediction — what change do you see coming in media in the near future?

Media assets will be locked down, with granular access permissions and tracking capability, that will minimize data leaks and piracy.

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