File Transfer Calculator

Take our File Transfer Calculator for a drive to get a sense of the performance improvement you gain with Signiant products.





File Transfer Time

Bandwidth Utilization

Pack Mule Carrying Hard Drive vs. Signiant

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What If?

If I increase my bandwidth...

for FTP, HTTP or TCP/IP will my file move faster?


Because of the latency associated with these legacy protocols, increases in bandwidth will not improve performance. FTP, HTTP or TCP/IP are just not able to utilize additional bandwidth.

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If I increase my bandwidth with Signiant...

will my file move faster?


Signiant’s protocol is specifically designed to use all available bandwidth and reduce latency typically associated with file transfers. If you increase bandwidth with Signiant, your transfers will move faster.

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What if a file transfer is...

interrupted before the transfer completes?

Checkpoint Restart.

See how Checkpoint Restart allows a file interrupted due to an Internet connection or computer failure to automatically pick up where it left off when the system is back online.

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See for yourself just how fast and easy it is.

Move Large Files Fast with Signiant

File transfer with Signiant is the easiest and most secure way to transfer large files fast from anywhere around the world. Test our file transfer calculator above, and you will see how fast file transfer can be regardless of your file size or how far it has to go.

Your Bandwidth Utilization

As file size and complexity continues to grow, latency issues with FTP will become increasingly problematic. FTP’s reliance on TCP cuts its bandwidth use to a fraction of what is available, regardless of your Internet service provider. Signiant provides a smart FTP replacement option; it is designed to practically eliminate latency, and to both optimize and manage your bandwidth use for fast file transfers.

Understand File Transfer Acceleration

Signiant’s proprietary acceleration protocol uses enhanced UDP to dramatically improve Internet transmission speeds. Signiant’s file transfer solutions are accessible through the cloud or as an on-premises software solution for fast file sharing anywhere around the world at any time. Test the results of our File Transfer Calculator now.