Upload a File to the Cloud for Free

Signiant has a few products that can be used to securely and reliably accelerate the movement of your large files in and out of the cloud. In this case you will use a Media Shuttle Share Portal to upload files to the cloud through your web browser.

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Chimney Group

Henric Larsson, COO

“Our biggest gain has been increased capacity at the entire group level, since now asset-sharing between offices is quick and easy. Everybody is amazed at the speeds.”

Upload a File to the Cloud for Free

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ease check your inbox for an email to activate your account and begin uploading to the cloud

The portal you will have access to is connected to a shared Signiant owned Amazon S3 bucket. All content will be removed nightly, but given it is a common resource please don’t upload anything you wouldn’t want others to see.

If for some reason you did not receive the activation email, please contact info@signiant.com