Metadata Everywhere:

Media Shuttle’s Metadata Input Capabilities

Modern media workflows are highly dependent upon accurate and complete metadata, some of which comes directly from end users. Media Shuttle   which now has nearly one million end users who transfer more than a billion files each year offers a powerful mechanism to enable media professionals to add descriptive metadata to media assets. 

In this next chapter, Metadata Everywhere: Media Shuttle’s Metadata Input Capabilities, learn about Media Shuttle’s metadata collection capabilities including how Shuttle:

  • Intrinsically maintains the link between an asset and its metadata
  • Provides an organization’s technical administrators the freedom to produce custom forms that minimize data entry errors, collect exactly the right information, and are tuned for their end users
  • Makes it easy to configure processes that enforce metadata entry prior to allowing content to be uploaded
  • Ensures that both your valuable content and its associated metadata arrive quickly, securely and reliably at their intended destinations

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