7 Must-Haves for Working Remotely with Large Datasets

Key considerations for data-intensive industries

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, some companies were well prepared to enable a remote workforce, others had to scramble. Remote work is here to stay and a top priority is shoring up those remote workflows to make sure they are secure and scalable in preparation for whatever comes next.

One lesson that many learned the hard way is that standard tools including Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer, which work well in most industries, lack the technology necessary for most data-intensive projects.

Read this guide to learn about seven important considerations you should keep in mind while implementing a permanent, secure and scalable remote working strategy that supports the unique conditions of a distributed workforce.

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Paul Tice, Founder & CEO

“For professionals dealing with massive datasets — such as 3D scanning files or photogrammetric-based mapping image files numbering in the tens of thousands — moving data to the client efficiently is always an issue, especially over long distances.”

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