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Media Industry Veteran Kevin Scott Joins Signiant Leadership Team As Company Moves Beyond File Transfer


LEXINGTON, MA – December 10, 2018 – Signiant Inc, a long-time market leader in intelligent file transfer, has created a new C-level executive role to support the company’s strategy of extending its cloud-native SaaS platform to meet emerging market needs. Capping off a record year as one of the fastest growing technology companies in media, Signiant has appointed industry veteran Kevin Scott as Chief Business Development Officer to lead strategic relationships with key partners and customers. Scott’s long, successful career in media has included leadership roles at DIRECTV and Deluxe. He most recently served as an advisor to many of the world’s top M&E companies on technology strategy.

Kevin Scott, Signiant“Signiant solutions play an increasingly central role in our customers’ businesses,” said Margaret Craig, CEO of Signiant. “Media companies have embraced our unique SaaS platform as they modernize their content supply chains, and we’re experiencing tremendous demand for new functionality above and beyond file transfer. The addition of an industry leader like Kevin will help us respond to the market pull and fulfill our vision for the SaaS platform. One impact of our recent innovations is that Signiant is increasingly drawn into forward-looking strategic dialogue with our customers. Kevin is the ideal person to engage with media executives in this way – he understands the industry both at the C-Suite level as well as at the hands-on implementation level.”

Signiant is uniquely positioned to help media companies navigate ongoing changes in consumer viewing habits and a fast-moving technology landscape. The company has established a massive footprint of installed software at content storage locations (both on-premises and cloud) across the global B2B media ecosystem. With more than 400,000 endpoints and systems connected, Signiant’s SaaS platform now reaches every corner of the media world to provide fast, seamless and secure access to any content, anywhere in the world to authorized people, systems and modern cloud services.

“There’s no company better positioned to help solve the unique challenges of the modern media supply chain,” said Kevin Scott. “Having worked closely with many of the largest media companies in the world, I’ve seen up close how complex their workflows are. When I began speaking with Signiant about their cloud-native technology, huge industry footprint, and strategic vision, I saw a great opportunity to help media companies compete in this new era. I’m eager to explore the opportunities presented by new technologies like AI and machine learning, but remain very aware that media is a creative industry that will always be driven by people. Signiant’s SaaS platform will connect people, systems and modern cloud services in new and exciting ways.”

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