SaaS (or, software-as-a-service) is a software delivery model, in which the software and its associated data are hosted remotely – in the cloud. SaaS solutions enable user access through a web browser client – promoting collaboration between remote locations, and allowing more immediate customization.

The flexibility and accessibility of SaaS solutions also enables Agile software development, and can help reduce the cost of IT maintenance and support.

At Signiant, we’ve embraced cloud-formed software design, developing the first SaaS large file transfer solutions, Media Shuttle and Flight, for the secure, accelerated movement of large digital assets. Our SaaS solutions offer the flexibility you need – allowing users to choose between on-premise or cloud data storage, within one reliable, scalable, affordable solution.

Read more about SaaS below and explore Signiant’s premiere SaaS solutions.

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    At Your Service: Best Practices in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

    SRE takes responsibility for everything properly working for customers at all times — which translates into monitoring a large number of systems and automated processes. Signiant’s SRE team built up operational excellence over several years as we transitioned to SaaS.
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    At Your Service: Best Practices in Customer Success

    Signiant is especially committed to a high services standard, delivered through the aforementioned three teams that work along-side Signiant product development and our customers. Let’s explore SaaS’ impact on Customer Success.
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    At Your Service: How Signiant Customer Support Achieves a 90+ NPS Year After Year

    Customer Support is the group tying all Signiant product teams together, a key service in any software company. M&E is a dynamic and challenging industry, and those who succeed most often are those who have an infrastructure to match that.
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    Localization Prioritized by a New Consortium, EGA

    On November 17, 2020, the newly formed Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) was announced with the goal of helping support localization services. Based in Los Angeles, the 60-company consortium is billed as the first M&E association centered on content globalization in media.
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    Signiant Adds Media Industry Veteran, Juan Pablo Garza, to Lead Company’s Expansion in Latin America

    Following consecutive years of record growth and a massive increase global demand for its intelligent file transfer products, Signiant is excited to announce the hiring of JP Garza to lead its expansion in Latin America.
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    Today’s Media Reality? Bigger Files. Greater Distances.

    The media and entertainment industry is rapidly evolving. From the rise of online streaming to the demand for higher and higher quality files—can you imagine thinking 8K was on the horizon even 5 years ago—the realities of the business are changing, and organizations need to be sure to adapt.
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    Bienvenue à Signiant, Xavier!

    Signiant is excited to welcome Xavier Gentric to our EMEA team as the new Territory Sales Manager, based in France! This past week we had the chance to connect with Xavier to discuss his understanding of the media and entertainment landscape and its current trajectory.
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    | Press Releases and Signiant Team up to Offer Accelerated Next-Generation Cloud Migration Solutions

    At NAB Show 2019,, an innovator in next-generation digital archive transformation, and Signiant are announcing a new partnership that integrates’s Rapid Migrate legacy archive migration solution with Signiant’s patented acceleration technology and SaaS platform.
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    Signiant’s SDCX Fabric Powers the Multi-cloud Future of Media

    Signiant announced new capabilities and impressive adoption metrics for the innovative cloud-native SaaS platform that is driving the company’s growth. Widely embraced as an integral part of the shift toward hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure, the Signiant SaaS platform continues to evolve and grow.
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    Signiant Introduces Patent-Pending Intelligent Transport

    New Architecture Leverages Machine Learning to Adapt to Network Conditions in Real-time. The technology determines the fastest way to get data through the network utilizing a patent-pending mechanism that leverages machine learning to make decisions on the fly.
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    Signiant Introduces Jet, the Newest Product on its SaaS Platform

    Targeted at simple “lights-out” use cases, Signiant Jet meets the growing need to replace scripted FTP with a faster, more reliable and more secure alternative.
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    Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton to Demonstrate Latest Advancements in the Company’s SaaS Platform at the HPA Tech Retreat

    “As the media industry continues to leverage cloud technology, this demonstration is a powerful example of how Signiant’s SaaS platform can connect people, systems and cloud services via loosely coupled, event-driven integration. ”