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Signiant and 5th Kind Team Up to Streamline Asset Management for the World’s Largest Entertainment Companies

Secure, Accelerated File Movement Capabilities Enhance Production-centric Media Management

BURLINGTON, MA and CULVER CITY, CA (May 2, 2012) – Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment, and 5th Kind, innovators of asset management and workflow solutions optimized for production environments, today announced a partnership to integrate Signiant’s accelerated file movement capabilities with 5th Kind’s CORE™ platform, enabling dispersed production teams to ingest and share digital media files quickly, securely and more reliably than ever before.

Deployed on internal networks or accessed via the cloud, the scalable CORE asset management system features flexible modules to organize, search, view, track and tag any type of digital file, including footage and visual effects (VFX), and a flexible communication module for ongoing team collaboration. By seamlessly integrating with Signiant’s accelerated digital file transfer capabilities, CORE increases user productivity while significantly reducing labor and overhead costs.

“It’s our goal to deliver the broadest asset management solution – from script to screen – tailored for the entertainment industry,” said Steve Cronan, CEO of 5th Kind. “Our collaboration with Signiant gives our studio, production and enterprise media customers the levels of centralized control, security, collaboration and ease of use that they require, and is already in use by our largest customer, Marvel Studios, to move time-sensitive VFX, audio and 3D conversions across the supply chain.”

For nearly a decade, 5th Kind’s software has helped some of the world’s largest studios streamline and secure asset pipelines on the highest budgeted film productions in the entertainment industry. With a client base that includes Disney, Aardman Animation, Warner Brothers, Marvel, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures, 5th Kind offers a range of additional services such as camera workflow integration, on-set production tools and automated burn-in watermarking.

“5th Kind’s CORE platform is a unique digital production hub that offers clients end-to-end management support for not only media, but the full spectrum of production resources, including dailies, scripts, casting and marketing materials in a single system,” said Matt Thomas, Signiant’s Western Region Account Director. “We are pleased to work together with them to serve the needs of the media and entertainment community with capabilities that simplify and centralize access to media and materials in ways that basic point-to-point file transfer or traditional FTP solutions simply cannot.”

About 5th Kind
5th Kind (formerly known as OTC Productions) has been an industry leader in Internet technology for more than 10 years, providing service for various projects in the film industry, state government and private business sector. Since working on the Matrix film franchise in the early 2000s, 5th Kind has been developing and refining Web-based applications that centralize all assets and communication into one system. The 5th Kind Asset Management System helps organizations to reduce costs and increase speed and efficiency by providing maximum automation, security and re-use of all assets. The system provides a user-friendly platform to communicate, track and audit asset distribution and communication history.

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