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FTP (file transfer protocol) is a standard Internet protocol built on a client-server architecture that uses TCP (transfer control protocol). FTP/TCP have been around since the 70s. FTP can be used with a simple command line interface or an industry tier product with a more advanced user interface. However, the core technology behind FTP has stayed the same since its introduction.

A major criticism of FTP solutions is their technological limitations that create risks and inefficiencies that worsen overtime. Addressing the technological limitations of FTP can cost businesses an extraordinary amount of time and money. As the scale of file transfers continues to grow with larger data moving over longer distances, FTP solutions will eventually become too difficult to sustain. Signiant offers a fast and reliable FTP alternative that will save your business time and money.

Security issues remain the one of biggest problem for businesses when it comes to FTP. FTP cannot encrypt traffic and is readable to anyone who performs a packet capture on the network making it vulnerable to growing cyberattacks.

Signiant’s software stands out as the best FTP alternative. Media Shuttle offers the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to send any size file wherever you want. Signiant can help you resolve any of the difficulties you have faced with large file transfers.

Read through the following articles to understand why Signiant offers the best FTP alternative.

Content supply chain security is more vital and challenging than ever in a global and complex media landscape »

Not every company has a technology stack that provides consistent content security and high performance. For example, we often see companies, large and small, still relying on FTP, despite its well-known content security and performance issues. When companies finally replace FTP with modern SaaS solutions, they quickly realize they should have taken the step long ago.

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FTP replacement may be essential to securing content supply chains »

Efforts by major media enterprises and content security associations are seeking to replace FTP across the industry's inherently interconnected global supply chain.

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Sure signs your media business is outgrowing FTP »

Most users of Signiant's SaaS solutions were once reliant on FTP to transfer large media files. Here's what they have to say about the transition.

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The Death of Scripted FTP »

Most FTP systems operating in businesses today include numerous scripts to enable basic business functions, such as automation, notifications and storage.

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The Best FTP Alternative for Secure Enterprise File Transfers »

If you’re looking for an FTP alternative, you’re not alone or at least you shouldn’t be. Over the past year or so, major browsers including Chrome, Safari and (just yesterday) Firefox have begun blocking FTP subresources from loading inside HTTP and HTTPS pages or labeling FTP sites as insecure.

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Why Use Media Shuttle's Auto Delivery Feature? »

Auto Delivery makes it possible to automate uploads and downloads, so no one has to lose sleep sending or receiving a file from the sunny side of the earth.

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Media Shuttle’s Role-Based Access – Matching User Interfaces to Job Functions »

Almost every media and entertainment organization has different types of stakeholders. With this in mind, we built Media Shuttle to meet the needs of each type of user.

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File Transfer Horror Stories »

Some of the horrors companies experience when trying to move large video files during production and distribution might be scarier than Pennywise. From Frankenstein FTPs to Bandwidth Boogeymen, scroll through the many villains lurking in the dark corners of media file transfers.

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Send. Share. Submit. Media Shuttle’s 3 Portal Types, Their Features and Use Cases Explored »

Learn about a couple of Media Shuttles Key Features - three different types of portals that can be created to support almost any use case and portal customization.

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Moving Large Files Between People: One solution that covers it all »

Tired of shipping hard drives and struggling with FTP? Media Shuttle is a person-to-person SaaS large file transfer solution that can cover it all.

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