FTP alternative

There are many types of file transfer protocols, but when we refer to FTP, we are referring to a standard protocol built on a client-server architecture that uses the Internet’s TCP/IP protocols. Users can use FTP with a simple command line interface or with a complicated commercial program with an advanced user interface. FTP has been used since the 70s but is widely criticized for a variety of reasons.

FTP solutions are littered with inefficiencies, risks and limitations. Fixing all of the problems with FTP can cost businesses an extraordinary amount of money. IT departments frequently have to contend with FTP and SFTP problems. Moreover, FTP solutions eventually become impossible to manage when you try to scale file transfers up to meet the demand of your growing business. Signiant offers a fast and reliable FTP alternative that will save your business time and money.

Security issues remain the number one problem for most businesses when it comes to FTP. FTP is not able to encrypt its traffic, so it is vulnerable to a number of different types of attacks. Data can be easily read by anyone who performs a packet capture on the network. Businesses should always think about content protection and security protocols when they transfer files. There are FTP alternatives that focus on correcting the security flaws of FTP.

While FTPS and various SSH file transfers offer more security for file delivery, Signiant’s software stands out as the best FTP alternative. Media Shuttle offers the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to send any size file wherever you want. Unlike custom-scripted FTP jobs, Managers+Agents can scale with your business as you grow. Signiant can help you resolve any of the difficulties you have faced with large file transfers.

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