No More Workarounds

Why you need file transfer software created for optimizing modern media workflows

Media companies have unique technical and workflow requirements. Creatives need speed and simplicity. Operations teams require visibility and control. IT focuses on compliance and security. Your business needs tools built to support each team’s requirements or you run the risk of people finding their own workarounds — commonly known as shadow IT.

Download our guide to discover:

  • Six ways standard online file sharing services may not meet the needs of modern media businesses

  • The technical and people-based workflow considerations when selecting a fit for purpose media file transfer tool

  • A checklist to make sure your choice of file transfer service gives you the power to say ‘yes,’ no matter the circumstance


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Michael Ball, Post-Production Supervisor,

“We were using a range of other products like WeTransfer, Dropbox and Box. We had so many different ones that were either client specified or just set up for specific reasons that it was very difficult to manage or help people if they had an issue.

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