On-ramp to the Cloud

10 key considerations when moving large datasets to and from cloud object storage

Most companies are not moving all their assets to cloud storage but are using the cloud in some way. While there are many tools for moving files into and out of the cloud, when it comes to large datasets, standard tools just don’t cut it.

In this guide, benefit from our experience helping thousands of companies on their cloud journey to learn:

  • The key factors to consider when selecting the right tools for your business

  • Why the tools offered by the cloud providers themselves may hold you back

  • How to quickly move large assets to the cloud in a way that will scale as your business grows

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Paul Tice, Founder & CEO

“We can start uploading and forget about it, since through Signiant, we have a few different ways to track our data package transfers and we aren’t limited by file size whatsoever — a huge plus with the type of data we work with.”

Thank you. We appreciate your interest in Signiant!

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