The fastest way to move large files into and out of the cloud

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Distributed INGEST

In global organizations, data is often spread across many geographically distributed facilities. With Signiant Flight, companies can ingest content to the cloud quickly from multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

Each remote location can send data directly to the cloud data center of choice, distributing network load, and eliminating bottlenecks and single points of failure. And, when long-distances are involved, Flight overcomes latency.

This also works in the opposite direction. Many companies that need to distribute the same content to multiple locations around the world send that file out from one location, repeatedly.

Utilizing Flight, companies can send the file to cloud storage once, and each location can download it in an optimized, secure, and accelerated manner.

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INCORPORATE cloud storage

Media companies have long embraced on-premises tiered storage models, and Signiant’s flagship solution Manager+Agents (M+A) has been central to automating content transfers between on-premises storage locations.

Today, many of those companies are implementing hybrid cloud strategies that utilize both on-premises and cloud storage, including the adoption of on-premises object storage.

Flight’s fast on-prem-to-cloud transfer greatly simplifies a hybrid cloud tiered storage model for any company. And for M+A customers, a Flight integration allows for seamless management of data transfers within the entire environment from one central console.

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CONNECT to cloud services

While transferring data to and from the cloud is Flight’s main use, it doesn’t stop there. Flight’s standards-based approach enables direct access via HTTP to other cloud services, expanding its flexibility and utility.

For example, customers who are using AWS Glacier or AWS Kinesis now have direct, accelerated access to those cloud services with Flight. There’s no need for the data to pass through S3 to get to Glacier.

Flight’s direct access to cloud services enables media companies to transcode and render huge video files, researchers to process genome sequencing, medical scientists to analyze clinical trial data, geospatial industries to process big data analytics and more.

Cloud-based tools are the most cost effective and efficient way to approach large file and big data processing, no matter the industry. Flight connects you directly to those services.

ACCELERATE live video feeds

Flight allows media professionals to easily optimize delivery of any live video feed that utilizes an HTTP-based streaming protocols (such as HLS, HDS, or MPEG-DASH).

As adoption of IP grows and remote production becomes feasible, industry professionals are paying more attention to the negative impact of latency and packet loss on the quality of contribution feeds. Flight provides a simple solution that doesn’t involve complex integration.

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