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CLOUD-NATIVE implementation

Accelerated data transfer to the cloud requires server-side infrastructure (Signiant software running on cloud compute resources) in each target cloud platform. Flight is implemented as a fully managed cloud service, so deployment and management of that infrastructure is our problem – not yours.

Flight automatically spins up the necessary cloud compute resources and relinquishes them when no longer needed. Our customers never need to worry about procuring cloud servers or deploying software in the cloud. Signiant handles all of those tasks in a multi-tenant, auto-scaling, load-balanced deployment that is managed 24/7 by a professional DevOps team.

Getting started with Flight is as easy as installing a proxy software client and transferring data to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Storage at multi-Gbps speeds.

SCALE OUT architecture

Flight’s patented scale out architecture delivers unprecedented speed by enabling the use of multiple cloud compute instances for a single transfer.

An enormous improvement over first-generation accelerated cloud data transfer utilities, Flight eliminates bottlenecks associated with “scale up” transfers that transmit each file via a single cloud compute instance.

In addition to the raw speed benefit, this architecture greatly simplifies the entire data management workflow. There’s no longer a need to re-organize data for optimal transfer speed.

Customers can simply initiate the transfer of any data set, and Flight will ensure the fastest possible delivery.

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UDP acceleration

Flight utilizes Signiant’s core acceleration and security technology to move data into and out of the cloud.

Often called “UDP acceleration,” Signiant’s acceleration technology advances standard Internet protocols (TCP, UDP and FTP), transferring data up to 200 times faster and is especially impactful when latency is present.

With the additional advantage of scale-out architecture mentioned above, Flight manages extremely high transfer rates to and from the cloud.

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