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Pricing and Packaging

Flight is sold as an annual SaaS subscription based on the amount of data you plan to transfer. Payload can be consumed at any rate throughout the year – Signiant will accommodate your data-flow peaks and valleys at a uniform price per GB.

Flight subscriptions start at $35K per year for 200,000 GBs of data transfer. We offer several volume-based pricing tiers, with per-GB cost declining as the annual committed payload increases. For large-scale customers moving Petabytes of data per year, Flight costs only pennies per GB transferred.

If you’re unsure of annual volume, there are a couple of options:

You can incur overages at the committed price. For example, if you’re on the $35K plan and exceed 200,000 GBs, Signiant will invoice you monthly for overages at a price of $0.15/GB. You will be provided a monthly statement of your data usage and we’ll notify you prior to any overages, so there won’t be any surprises.

Alternatively, you can move to the next pricing tier to take advantage of a lower price per GB. If you want to make a commitment to a higher yearly data volume, you can restart your annual subscription at any time to lock in lower costs.

With Flight, customers have the flexibility to use any client-side software. Easily accelerate transfers via familiar interfaces such as web browsers or CLIs and SDKs from cloud vendors. Improve the performance of any cloud workflow where AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform client software is already embedded.


What You Get:

  • Cloud-native server-side infrastructure:

    Signiant bears all costs for server-side infrastructure required in each cloud platform to enable accelerated transfer. We supply the cloud compute instances where Signiant’s auto-scaling software is deployed.

  • 24/7 Site Reliability Engineering:

    Our team manages the service in the cloud, updating the software as needed, monitoring performance, and proactively addressing any issues.

  • Choice of cloud platform:

    Signiant Flight allows you to connect to any cloud service in either Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure and/or Google Cloud Platform.

  • Unlimited client-side software:

    You can deploy the Flight client in as many on-premises locations as you’d like, anywhere in the world.

  • World class support:

    Our experienced support team is only a phone call away, available to Flight customers around the clock.

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