Media Exchange

Secure, Unattended File Delivery in a Private Cloud Solution

As file sizes grow and distribution time frames shrink, media professionals need faster, more reliable ways to move media and associated metadata files without sacrificing ease of use, acceleration or content security. Media Exchange from Signiant is a next-generation, private cloud solution that delivers.

With Media Exchange, move large media assets fast and securely over IP networks without extensive IT support. Media Exchange's powerful Web, mobile and desktop user interfaces lets authorized users upload and send content updates, or receive and download arriving content from multiple sources in an unattended, direct-to-the-desktop fashion.

Enterprise Scale and Performance

Unlike first generation point-to-point file movement products and unmanaged transfer solutions, Media Exchange provides centralized management capabilities, including global audit and tracking of media movement from a single dashboard for unparalleled visibility and enterprise control.

Media Exchange also integrates seamlessly with Signiant Managers+Agents for intelligent, automated movement of content between systems, users and applications through

advanced metadata and transport-base workflow capabilities, and guaranteed certified delivery – around the corner or across the globe.

Core Components

User Interfaces: Web browser, Desktop client or Mobile application

Media Exchange Web Server: Deployable with Signiant Managers+Agents, stand alone and/or geographically distributed

Media Exchange Server: High-performance file delivery software for content exchange between users. Expandable for higher performance, load balancing or geographical redundancy

Media Exchange Manager: Administration and reporting of all Media Exchange activity

User Experience

  • Transfer any file type or size (video content, metadata, etc.)
  • Email-like browser interface to send and receive ad hoc files
  • Central portal for published content that is customizable and easy to browse
  • Accessible via a Web browser, downloadable client for unattended use or iOS
  • application for iPhones or iPads

Accelerated File Transfer

  • High speed, network-efficient file transfer – up to 200X faster than FTP with 95+% network efficiency
  • Firewall friendly transfers with auto-selecting UDP, TCP and HTTP transport options
  • Checkpoint restart: Automatic retry and resume of partial or failed transfers

Content Security

  • Authentication and authorization via integrated Directory Services (LDAP & AD)
  • Encrypted browser sessions, file transfers and storage

Central Management

  • Central view of running transfers, user activity and bandwidth adjustments of individual transfers
  • Customizable email notifications informing users when packages become available and when they have been downloaded
  • Media package definition enables users to bundle video content and metadata
  • Definable package policy – maximum size, number of allowable downloads, forwarding, expiration and auto-delete
  • Customizable and scheduled reporting of file transfers and jobs

Browsable Workspace with Channels

  • Convenient portal for users to share and exchange content
  • Content can be published to a set of channels where users can browse media and select different packages for download
  • Administrator-defined user policies, including which channels they have access to, rights to publish, receive and/or browse packages

User and Group Management

  • Multiple user types, including registered users and guests (limited by time)
  • Configurable user policy including group membership, transfer performance profile, privileges (create guest user, send/forward packages), account expiration time
  • Configurable user and group profiles

Common Uses

  • Review and approve theatrical or episodic digital dailies/rushes
  • Deliver field-generated content including news, sports and event coverage
  • Share schedules, scripts and low-resolution proxies with remote or mobile users
  • Distribute television content to broadcast, media service, OTT, mobile, Electronic Sell-Thru (EST) and Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Transfer media for distributed, creative collaboration and post production, including editing, foreign market localization, special effects, game and promo development.

In the office or on location, Media Exchange offers intuitive user interfaces to suit the way that media professionals need and want to work. Once authorized on the system, users simply enter their credentials to send and receive high-value content. By selecting channels of content to which they wish to subscribe, users automatically receive content updates as they become available.

Mobile Apps

Available for iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store, Signiant mobile apps are ideal for remote news gathering and videography, or media professionals who need to review and approve proxies, dailies or rushes remotely.

Web Client

Media Exchange’s Web client is the perfect solution for ad hoc media and metadata file movement between users for creative collaboration.

Desktop Client

Ideal for long-form content distribution, including movies, episodic TV and trailers, Signiant’s convenient desktop client saves time by enabling unattended connections to multiple content suppliers. This eliminates the need to continuously check for new content or open a browser to download.

Signiant Media Gateway™

Signiant’s Media Gateway allows Media Exchange to work together with Agents. Using Media Gateway, Media Exchange users can move content into automated workflows running on the Agents. Media Gateway can also be used to deliver files from Signiant Managers+Agents to Media Exchange users in an automated fashion.


Signiant Managers+Agents integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, media technology and file-based workflows to enable highly efficient file-based workflows. Unlike custom-scripted FTP jobs that cannot scale with your business, Managers+Agents provides a powerful solution for professionals in broadcast engineering, IT and media infrastructure management seeking more sophisticated enterprise management, automation, security and control of media delivery processes.

Concurrent Transfers: Up to 10 per server

Transfer Protocols: UDP, TCP and HTTP (port 8080) – configurable and auto-selecting

Storage Support: SAN, NAS (NFS or CIFS – UNC Paths)

Download: Media Exchange 10.0 Exchange System Requirements