Advanced system-to-system automation for complex networks and workflows


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Why You Need Manager+Agents


Speed & Reliability

Manager+Agents delivers reliable, secure file movement (up to 100X faster than FTP and TCP with 95+% network efficiency). Checkpoint Restart ensures that any interrupted transfers are automatically restarted from the point of failure.

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Flexibility & Scalability

Manager+Agents allows content exchange with other users, systems, and applications. Scalable architecture supports global operations of any size, regardless of geographic location.

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Centralized Control

A single web-based administration console offers visibility into file movement, plus control of configuration, task automation, scheduling, and reporting. Powerful resource controls let you manage job concurrency and bandwidth usage.

Enterprise Class Security

File transfers are secured with up to 256-bit AES encryption. The built-in certificate authority maintains security certificates and establishes communication between the Manager and Agents. User authentication and authorization can be managed using an Active Directory or LDAP.

Workflow Automation

Manager+Agents lets you automate transfer, processing, and maintenance tasks by creating flexible job templates that connect steps to form a workflow.

API Integration

The Manager+Agents native REST API allows you to automate file transfer jobs, manage users, and control storage settings for your transfer environments by sending API calls to your Manager.

How Manager+Agents Works

Set and Control Policies & Transfers

The Manager+Agents web interface allows configuration and control of all Manager functions, including job execution, scheduling, automation and reporting of system activity.

  1. Execute Jobs and Tasks

    Signiant Agents execute tasks defined by the Manager, including accelerated file movement and interoperability with third-party software and systems. Agents can be deployed as a single node or in a load-balanced cluster. Agents can also act as relays to connect public and private networks.

  2. Integrate with APIs, Flight & Media Shuttle

    Manager+Agents APIs let you initiate jobs from MAM/DAM systems or custom content management systems. Manager+Agents workflows can be extended into public cloud object storage with Signiant Flight or can be started with person-initiated transfers into Media Shuttle Submit portals.

How Customers Use Manager+Agents

Accelerating File Movement Within Your Global Organization and Beyond

Manager+Agents helps connect your internal locations around the world, making it easy to rapidly move large files and groups of files automatically. Plus you can deliver content to your external partners within your media supply chain and ecosystem. Manager+Agents helps you move files from system to system and can be extended to support person initiated transfers and transfers to and from the cloud, so you can shorten file transfer times, automate workflows, and increase reliability while maintaining complete control.

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TV Broadcast

With Manager+Agents you can integrate your content supply chain and streamline file deliveries to ensure distribution for playout happens on schedule. Organizations like A+E Networks, BBC, Discovery, Fox, NBC and many others rely on Signiant to accelerate file transfers for linear television broadcast.

Web, Mobile & OTT

By helping connect content suppliers to systems and shrinking delivery times, Manager+Agents helps businesses like Apple iTunes, Epix and Rogers move files quickly across their supply chain.

Studios & Production

From 20th Century Fox, to Marvel Entertainment and NBC Universal, studios and production companies rely on the security and control of Manager+Agents to automate file transfers and processes to global partners.

Post Production

By enabling secure exchange of content, post production facilities can improve client services with media, broadcast and playout companies. Modern Videofilm, Loft London, Point 360 and many other post production studios use Manager+Agents to receive content, edit and produce it, and then move it to studios, broadcasters, cable networks, or other distributors quickly and securely.

Media Services

Organizations like BT Media & Broadcast, Deluxe Digital Studios and Technicolor save time with Manager+Agents by automating file movement from ingest of files from partners through to distribution and playout.

Sports & News

Leading sports and news organizations around the globe, like ESPN, BBC, NFL, NHL, and NBC Olympics, use Manager+Agents to accelerate time-critical file movement including ingest from news and field events, stadiums and arenas. Growing file capabilities allow remote editors to pull clips from a growing file and begin work while content is still being written to the destination.”