Automated system-to-system file movement across your enterprise

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Easily set and control POLICIES and TRANSFERS

Using a web interface, the Signiant Manager performs all administration, control, scheduling, automation and reporting of system activity as well as orchestrating the execution of jobs.

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Execute JOBS and TASKS

Signiant Agents execute the tasks that the Manager defines which primarily include accelerated file movement, and interoperability with third-party software and systems. File movement occurs from Agent to Agent, and can be deployed as a single node or for larger locations in a load-balanced cluster. Systems can also be configured to relay connections from public to private networks transferring firewalls while maintaining network security.

Signiant’s powerful TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM

Media & Entertainment companies have been trailblazers in the electronic transfer of very large, high-value digital assets, and most of them rely on Signiant technology to securely move their files. The powerful, secure Signiant platform helps companies like Disney, ESPN, and Fox move petabytes of data every month throughout their content supply chains.  The foundation includes acceleration, reliability, security, central control and automation.

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Manager+Agents helps you easily extend your workflows to other people and systems around the globe. SOAP and REST APIs lets you initiate jobs from higher order media applications like DAM/MAM systems or custom content management systems.

Manager+Agents workflows can be extended into public cloud object storage with Signiant Flight. Workflows can also be started based on person initiated transfers into Media Shuttle Submit portals.

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