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    The Signiant Platform Overview

    Building on our foundation of world-class fast file movement, the Signiant Platform offers media-centric services that make people and systems even more efficient.
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    Media Shuttle – The Journey

    Media Shuttle is a simple-to-use, yet powerful enterprise-grade SaaS solution that makes it easy for people to send, share and access any-size file anywhere, fast.
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    Separating Signal From Noise

    The fields of Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning (ML) share many common math and technology building blocks. CTO Ian Hamilton leverages analogy and commonalities between these two disciplines to demystify some of the basic principles underlying how machines learn.
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    Signiant Executives Explain: An Overview of Signiant

    In this video, Signiant’s CEO, CTO and Director of DevOps talk about the problems Signiant was born to solve. Huge files, long distances, network underperformance, customers’ control of their own storage, and security as a design choice rather than an afterthought – all addressed in Signiant’s offerings. Learn why designing a platform built for professionals has to cover so much ground.
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    Signiant Solutions Overview

    Whether you need to easily send and share files between people, move files securely behind a fire-wall in an automated lights-out workflow, or transfer large data-sets to and from the cloud, there is a Signiant Solution that is right for your needs.
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