accelerated file delivery

Time is money in modern business, and that is especially true for Internet-related businesses where downtime and not delivering what you promised can devastate your business.

That’s why forward-looking businesses are turning to accelerated file delivery. The consequences of important files not getting where they need to be securely and on time are simply too great to rely on FTP or other legacy file sharing systems.

Signiant offers a suite of enterprise file transfer software solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Media Shuttle is cloud file-sharing FTP replacement that gives enterprises complete control over their digital assets. This cutting-edge hybrid SaaS solution can be customized to meet the needs of small businesses or large enterprises, and enables you to transfer almost any size file quickly and securely via the Web.

Managers+Agents is a system-to-system file movement solution that enables a high degree of workflow automation, including automated batch file transfer and processing specific workflow (Virus, QC, Transcode and so forth).

Check out the blog below to learn more about how Signiant helped 3-D video conversion firm Creative Cow set up an accelerated file delivery system to transfer massive video files, many up 200-300 GB, to distributors in multiple locations throughout Asia.

All Accelerated File Transfer Solutions Are Not Created Equal – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It »

We spend a lot of time at Signiant explaining why our person-initiated accelerated file transfer solution – Media Shuttle – is so much better than using TCP-based solutions, such as FTP or online file sending and sharing platforms. But what about all those people who already understand that an accelerated file transfer solution is what they really need or those who have already invested in such a solution, from a vendor other than Signiant, but are finding that it’s not meeting their needs?


Media Links and Signiant to Conduct Joint Technology Demonstration at NAB 2017 »

Media Links, the market leader in media over IP transport solutions and Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software, together announce a joint demonstration in the Media Links booth, SU5021 at NAB 2017, to transport mission-critical media files.


Signiant Flight Helps Discovery Communications Accelerate Producers’ Workflow »

Signiant Inc today announced that Discovery Communications is using Signiant’s Flight solution for accelerated delivery of program content to the cloud via Discovery’s global media asset submission platform, the Producer’s Portal.


At Discovery, over 600 production partners are delivering to the cloud, turning what took days… into just hours. »

At Discovery Communications, a file delivery process that once involved the shipment of thousands of data tapes from around the world into the U.S. media giant’s Quality Control center has been reimagined for the cloud.


Product Testing vs. Reality: How SaaS prevents misconceptions of real-world performance »

With accelerated file transfer, there are a huge number of independent factors that impact throughput. SaaS solutions provide a unique opportunity to test out software in your real world scenario with limited risk to the purchaser.