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Signiant Flight Helps Discovery Communications Accelerate Producers’ Workflow

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Discovery Communications serves its program providers and launches a high-performance cloud strategy with Flight

LEXINGTON, MA – 19 January 2017 – Signiant Inc, the market leader in intelligent file movement software, today announced that Discovery Communications is using Signiant’s Flight solution for accelerated delivery of program content to the cloud via Discovery’s global media asset submission platform, the Producer’s Portal. The new system allows content creators to ingest media assets directly into cloud object storage rather than physically shipping data tapes, which dramatically reduces delivery time from several days to just a few hours.

Discovery Communications is a global media company that provides content across pay-TV and free-to-air platforms in more than 220 countries and territories, sourcing its programming from an international network of producers. The company’s technical leadership is moving aggressively toward the use of cloud technology, citing the significant benefits that the Media & Entertainment industry can derive from the elasticity and scalability of the cloud.

“At Discovery, we are focused on speed of delivery as we move content around the globe to our billions of subscribers. Our focus on speed remains front and center in the transition to the cloud as we look to increase flexibility and efficiency,” said Josh Derby, VP of Technology Development & Strategy, Discovery Communications. “We rely on Signiant to transfer our content reliably, quickly, and securely as it moves through our global content supply chain.”

Discovery’s Producer’s Portal provides content submission services to its global network of more than 600 production partners, allowing them to send finished programs and all associated elements to cloud object storage over any Internet connection. The system, which was built by Discovery’s in-house developers, provides end-to-end functionality that includes file delivery as well as automatic check-in of the assets to Discovery’s MAM. Producers interact with the application via a browser-based interface, initiating high-speed transfers between a lightweight Signiant software client at the producer’s facility and Signiant-managed infrastructure in the cloud.

“Discovery’s initiative demonstrates how forward-thinking media companies are embracing the cloud to drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their operations,” said Ian Hamilton, Chief Technology Officer at Signiant. “By taking advantage of Signiant Flight’s cloud-native approach to high-speed transfer, they can harness the power of the cloud to make program submission—and various other downstream cloud processes—more accurate and timely.”

To learn more about how Signiant Flight Helps Discovery Communications Accelerate Producers’ Workflow, read the case study.

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