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A New Era of 3D Data Management

Using drones for 3D renderings has opened up new possibilities to not only see our world recreated, but to explore and understand it in new ways. Paul Tice, CEO of ToPa 3D, discusses the challenges of 3D data management in his thorough review of Media Shuttle, Signiant’s SaaS solution for high speed large file transfers.

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Beyond Entertainment: Enterprise Big Data Modeling with Virtual Reality

The business applications of Virtual Reality deserve a lot more attention, especially from large corporations with Big Data initiatives.

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The Biggest Barrier to Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

The biggest barrier to big data analysis with Hadoop is often getting data to a place where it’s accessible for analysis in the first place. Last week, our CTO Ian Hamilton addressed the topic in some depth for Data Informed, an online publication covering big data and analytics for business and IT professionals.

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It’s 2:00 am. Do you know where your files are?

The consumerization of IT has resulted in the proliferation of unmanaged, non-IT issued devices used to access and share corporate digital assets. We are all now 3+ device owning, information hungry, data consumers and sharers. And cloud storage redux (Dropbox et al. is arguably cloud storage 2.0 with companies such Storage Networks having pioneered the first phase in the 90’s) is making it amazingly easy to share files to/from these devices –often, too easy, in fact.

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