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    Signiant Extends its Presence in Germany with New Partner, Broadcast Solutions Produkte und Service

    Signiant announces it is extending its presence in Germany by partnering with Broadcast Solutions Produkte und Service, one of the region’s leading suppliers for the development, planning and realisation of complex systems and products for broadcast and media.
  • The Signiant logo and the broadcast solutions logo over a picture of people shaking hands.
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    Signiant startet Partnerschaft mit Broadcast Solutions

    Signiant erweitert seine Präsenz in der DACH-Region durch die Partnerschaft mit Broadcast Solutions, einem der führenden Anbieter für die Entwicklung, Planung und Realisierung komplexer Rundfunk- und Medien-Systeme.
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    2019’s SVG Summit presents a thrilling look into a new decade of sports production

    There’s so much going on in sports production. The technological innovations around graphics and AR, the advancement of resolutions, the distribution via OTT platforms, and the integration of social media all combine to make sports production a hot and dynamic place to be right now.
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    The AIBs and the Rise of International Broadcasting

    Especially in today’s world, we believe it is ever more important for factual stories from around the world to get the broadest possible exposure. That’s why we’re excited to once again sponsor the AIBs.
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    A Taste of Stardom: Signiant Wins 66th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy!

    There is a new air about our corporate headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, a modest building nestled between the local shopping mall and a wooded bike path you can follow for 20 miles to Cambridge. Everyone seems more polished, and I swear I’ve seen more collared shirts and heels than usual. Perhaps we’re waiting for the paparazzi to swarm since hearing the news that Signiant won an Emmy for excellence in Technology and Engineering.
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    Digital Media World | Envy Post Speeds Large Files with Signiant Media Shuttle

    Broadcast post production facility Envy Post Production has adopted Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS file transfer to move large files securely between business partners and its global customer base. The company serves and produces content for major UK broadcasters and a number of international channels including Discovery Channel and National Geographic in the US.
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    Broadcast Engineering | Media file sharing via the cloud catching on

    After a few years of uncertainty and caution, broadcasters and production companies that serve them are beginning to have a better understanding of what “the cloud” is and how it can help produce and distribute content internally and for consumer use. We’re seeing many success stories.
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    Broadcast Engineering | Testing FIMS 1.0

    A practical approach to standardization requires more than object models and interface definitions to gain serious traction. Consequently, the FIMS Technical Board recognized the need for a tool to help FIMS implementers validate their implementations. Signiant did as well, given the test-driven development methodology we use to develop software. Using such an approach, developers create and code tests to validate an implementation before coding it. This leads to higher quality products that can be evolved quickly.
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    Broadcast Engineering | Signiant Helps ESPN Deliver Files for World Cup Production

    “It’s not signal strength that will be the biggest problem, but speed of light traveling such a large distance,” Kidd said. “FTP and other forms of file transfers tend to break down after so many miles, so you have to use a file acceleration technology to overcome any latency issues.”