A Taste of Stardom: Signiant Wins 66th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy!

By Meg Cater


There is a new air about our corporate headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, a modest building nestled between the local shopping mall and a wooded bike path you can follow for 20 miles to Cambridge. Everyone seems more polished, and I swear I’ve seen more collared shirts and heels than usual. Perhaps we’re waiting for the paparazzi to swarm since hearing the news that Signiant won an Emmy for excellence in Technology and Engineering.

It’s not quite an everyday occurrence for us, we’re more accustom to speaking with those close to the famous than being held in their company. We talk with TV production companies every day, many of them involved in making some of our favorite shows, and we regularly get a dose of pride at our customer’s creative work made in part with our technology. But this takes it to another level.

Every year, NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) gives time and effort to review, choose, and present awards for TV tech, which is heartening. After all, we are certainly not as sexy as the people usually graced with the winged golden lady, and neither are the products the awards are being given for. I mean, WE think Signiant products like Media Shuttle and Flight are sexy, or at least SaaS-y. But media technology isn’t something the masses care much about, and certainly won’t garner high ratings.

To select the 66th annual Emmy winners, a panel of highly qualified engineers in the TV industry chose companies that have made an extensive improvement over existing methods, impacting the transmission, recording, or reception of television. Robert P. Seidel, NATAS committee Chairman and Vice President of CBS Engineering and Advanced Technology, said, “The National Academy’s Technology and Engineering Achievement Committee is pleased to honor these technology companies and individuals whose innovation and vision have materially affected the way the audience views television and have set the standard for technological excellence in the industry.” 

Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8th, 2015, the Emmy gives us an excuse to go to Vegas for something other than rampant indulgence. Although, it is Vegas, so there’s certain to be some of that too.

Thanks to everyone who sent us congratulations via our social sites, and especially to our customers who offered testimony to the NATAS review panel — we’re honored to be considered for this very prestigious award!!


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