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    A watershed moment for the cloud under COVID-19

    As the outbreak threw our industry into chaos, it became increasingly clear that organizations would have to take major steps to evolve their production and distribution models. Rigid strategies that once felt like sure things became untenable, and the growing importance of adaptability came crashing to the fore.
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    Signiant solutions add Google Cloud and on-prem object storage support, furthering our commitment to storage independence

    The Signiant platform (including Manager+Agents versions 14.1 and higher) now supports on-prem file storage, S3 Compatible on-prem object storage, and cloud object storage from AWS, Azure and now Google Cloud Platform.
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    Media Shuttle’s Storage Independence – Customers Embrace the Choices

    When talking about the cloud it is always easy to confuse hype with reality. Cloud-adoption within the M&E industry remains uneven, particularly when it comes to content storage and processing. That’s why Media Shuttle allows customers to have either cloud storage, on-premises storage, or a mix of both.
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    Signiant Executives Explain – Part 2: The Signiant Product Portfolio

    Get all the answers and learn the ins and outs of Signiant’s complete accelerated file transfer portfolio in part two of our Signiant Executives Explain video series.
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    Larger files sizes, the move to the cloud and Signiant product updates were the news at IBC 2016

    Take a look at this IBC Daily video by TVBEurope, featuring Greg Hoskin, managing director of Signiant’s sales in EMEA and Asia-Pacific, with new ways to store assets and our other product line news.
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    A Year of Acceleration – and Collaboration

    Signiant and Talon form an alliance to help streamline cloud storage consolidation. Together the companies’ technology allow globally distributed data to be quickly and securely migrated to a central cloud storage and then made available as a single, consistent storage repository to all users across the globe.
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    What Devoncroft’s latest Big Broadcast Survey means for cloud storage strategies (blog and webinar)

    Devoncroft recently conducted their 2014 Big Broadcast Survey of more than 10,000 participants at more than 100 companies. It revealed that storage is far and away the most common use for the cloud. Learn more about the survey results and how media companies are currently and are planning to use the cloud in 2015.
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    The Sky is the limit: Signiant Flight’s high-speed bridge offers new opportunities for files in the cloud

    The question of how best to utilize the advantages of the cloud was the catalyst for our newest software product, Signiant Flight. Just released yesterday, Flight offers the ability to quickly and securely transfer large files and unstructured data sets to and from multiple cloud storage platforms.
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    TV Technology | Announces 2014 NAB Best of Show Award Winners

    To be a leader in the cloud arena, you need to have a clear definition of what cloud technology means to you, and your approach to cloud computing. I call this the “Cloud Credo.” Mine is built on three key points: content should be free; SaaS is here to stay; and, “design for the cloud” is worth the effort. I’ll provide details on the first two ideas here — and stay tuned for more thoughts on design for the cloud in another post!