The Sky is the limit: Signiant Flight’s high-speed bridge offers new opportunities for files in the cloud

By Rick Clarkson 

More than any other single force, the internet has had a profound impact on business practices in the 21st century. Opportunities for local and global reach, national and international partnerships, and entirely novel digital technologies have transformed our professional lives. And that was before cloud-based software was introduced. In the report, Accenture Technology Vision 2013: Every Business Is a Digital Business, Accenture stated, “Cloud is no longer an emerging trend, nor is it a single concept. It can and does have a transformational impact across the business. The key question is not ‘should we use cloud?’ but ‘how can we use cloud?'”

The question of how best to utilize the advantages of the cloud was the catalyst for our newest software product, Signiant Flight. Flight builds some unique and very practical bridges to a cloud-enhanced business.

We all know that the amount of digital content being produced across the globe, including in our own companies, is growing exponentially. Yet where that data lives and how we get it to a place where it can be most optimally utilized is a very important and often overlooked component of the expanding digital universe. Signiant Flight was specifically created to accelerate files from the storage on your network to a cloud platform.

Depending on your business needs, this technology has some significant advantages. For example:

1.  Projects that require upfront large-scale data migration
Some projects require the upload of large amounts of content to the cloud before anything else can happen. Whether you’re developing a new cloud application or moving an archive of files that are the foundation of a project, data migration on a large scale typically takes a prohibitively long time. Signiant Flight not only reliably accelerates large-scale data migration, it does so securely.

2.  Time-sensitive content workflows
For businesses that rely on time-sensitive content delivery, network latency has been a barrier to cloud adoption. A classic example is media and entertainment companies who deal with tight production and post production deadlines and global distribution. With Flight, you can quickly upload content to the cloud, take advantage of cloud servers (such as video editing, transcoding, or image analytics) and immediately make the finished results available around the world.

3.  Delivering real-time analytics
Having access to real-time analytics is an increasing business advantage. Some big data analytics applications aim to have results to clients as quickly as possible. Retail and life sciences are pioneering this new space, gaining almost immediate feedback from sources around the world that impacts the day’s decisions. But the first step before analysis can start is getting that data into the cloud, fast.

4.  Optimizing your on-premises storage for cost saving
The cost of storage in an enterprise datacenter can be a huge expense that is hard to manage and predict. Often, companies run out of storage space in their central on-premises storage pool with limited budget for additional hardware purchases. In order to re-use some of this storage, they look to the cloud for a more economical storage solution. The faster the content is moved off the enterprise storage into the cloud, the quicker it can be reused for other projects. Signiant Flight moves content from your repository into the cloud quickly, eliminating additional on-premises storage costs and creating an immediate ROI.

For scenarios like these and more, Flight is a simple yet powerful software that offers businesses a means to utilizing the cloud in all its glory. 

To learn more about Signiant Flight’s accelerated cloud storage technology and how it relates to your business needs, join our webcast on July 24th or try it for yourself with a free trial. Check out

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