Today’s Media Reality? Bigger Files. Greater Distances.

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The media and entertainment industry is rapidly evolving. From the rise of online streaming to the demand for higher and higher quality files—can you imagine thinking 8K was on the horizon even 5 years ago—the realities of the business are changing, and organizations need to be sure to adapt.

Perhaps one of the most interesting developments of the last decade or so has been the globalization of media. Not only is content being viewed and experienced by users all around the world, it’s being created and edited and amended by production houses and VFX studios on nearly every single continent.

For hungry content consumers, this means that they get to enjoy the vision of creatives from every corner of the globe. For media organizations, this means they must ensure that they can move their files across great distances efficiently and securely.

This is where enterprise file transfer solutions come into play. While many media companies might believe they can skirt by with just FTP, that’s simply not the case; and those businesses that fail to see that risk paying a hefty price.

With Signiant’s accelerated file transfer solutions—Media Shuttle and Jet—we’ve worked to create SaaS tools specifically tailored to the challenges faced by M&E enterprises. While FTP strangles productivity based on file sizes, transfer distance, and bandwidth, Signiant’s software ensures that your content swiftly and safely reaches whomever it needs to, whether that be a remote worker, a team mate in another office or a partner on the other side of the world.

Signiant’s solutions are simple to use and easy to manage, supporting global collaboration by film studios, television broadcasters, and video game developers. At its core, Signiant strives to make an increasingly large world populated by increasingly large files as small and easy to handle as ever.

We’ve worked with organizations from all over the world—Latin America, Indonesia, and beyond—and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that the essential connectivity of the modern media world depends on enterprise file transfer solutions that enable creatives to communicate and to securely deliver the valuable, dynamic content their customers crave, no matter where they are.

And, here’s the thing: that globalization is just the tip of the iceberg.

In our eBook Today’s Reality for Moving Large Content Files, we explore all of the new opportunities and pressures that are defining how media and entertainment organizations operate, from mounting security concerns to ever tighter deadlines. At Signiant, we’re dedicated to providing you with the solutions you need to overcome file transfer challenges at every turn, pioneering a radical and comprehensive approach to enterprise file transfer that’s as energized and expansive as the content our clients are creating!

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