Sure Signs Your Media Business is Outgrowing FTP

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Most users of Signiant’s SaaS solutions, Media Shuttle and Jet, were once reliant on FTP to transfer large media files. While their business models and workflows tend to vary widely, there are a few common thresholds they came up against that pushed them to look for FTP alternatives:

  • Expanding business opportunities that increased the need to send larger files, longer distances
  • More complex workflows with a greater need to track file transfers
  • Greater need for reliable/interruptible transfers
  • Expanding non-local workforce (freelancers or remote employees)
  • Increasing bandwidth availability
  • Interest in incorporating cloud services

Quotes from our customers

Over the last few years, we’ve spoken to many customers about that transition. Here are a few things they have to say about the challenges of FTP and the benefits they saw with Signiant solutions:

“We built our FTP probably 15 years ago. It worked great at the time, but had a lot of limitations when files got bigger and people needed stuff sooner. Then when high Internet speeds were more available, FTP just got seriously outdated.” ~ Michael Ball, postproduction supervisor, Accord Productions

“Many clients are demanding 4k and other high-res files. To be a reliable supplier, it’s essential to have the kind of technology that Signiant offers and not just do FTP like everyone else .” ~ Henric Larsson, COO of the Chimney Group

“There have been two real differences from our old FTP system. One, Media Shuttle is just a lot quicker. But the other, which is probably even more important for us, is that it’s an interruptible transfer. A lot of the network connectivity that our reporters have is likely to be interrupted.” ~ Matt Whiting, Head of Applications at Guardian News & Media.

“Adopting Jet has enabled us to launch a brand-new service, which will handle our DCP deliveries to hundreds of cinemas throughout Malaysia.” ~ Avinash Suresh, Director at Yusari Filem

“It used to be like the wild west of file transfer, when every vendor had their own FTP-like service. Media Shuttle has become a centralized place that we trust and know is secure, fast and reliable, so we are continuing to invest in it.” ~ Jesse Janson, EVP Acquisitions & Development at Janson Media

“FTP physically pains me, now that I’m used to Media Shuttle. If we have to pull an episode off a client’s FTP, it takes at least a day or two of just waiting to get the footage.” ~ Dylan Yastremski, Founder of Allegiance Studios

Signiant’s technology is more than just an FTP alternative, it is a different order of technology that addresses the needs of modern media businesses. We recently published a new eGuide explaining the major problems with FTP on a technical and practical level, and how Signiant Media Shuttle and Jet address those challenges, while providing new opportunities. You can download it here.

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