FTP Replacement

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Media and entertainment companies understand that File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has many file transfer performance and security deficiencies, yet a surprising number of companies continue to rely upon it. Used for file transfer since the 1970s, FTP transmitted data is unencrypted and potentially visible to anyone who can monitor the network’s traffic. Security enhancements such as File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) adds security and performance enhancements, but many firewalls have problems and deployment often fails. Increasingly, rogue actors target FTP because of its unsecured entry points, putting businesses at risk. In addition, a host of FTP architectural challenges constrict speed, increase latency and deliver unreliable performance, among other media-centric necessities, further adding to FTP’s risk factors.

Fixing all of the FTP, FTPS and SFTP problems cost businesses time and money. Scaling with any of them is complex, limits flexibility and hinders business opportunities. Thousands of companies during the pandemic learned the hard way when they need to scale, be flexible, and increase their security, FTP was not up to the challenge, and their companies suffered.

Nobody should sacrifice speed, security, reliability, or simplicity. Signiant offers a suite of software that serve as an FTP replacement no matter the size or needs of your business. Media Shuttle is a modern FTP replacement when you need the easiest and most secure way to send any file anywhere, no matter the size. For more complex, multi-partner media supply chains; Jet offers simple and easy automated point-to-point file delivery between companies; Manager+Agents provides more management and automated movement capabilities for complex enterprise-grade media supply chains. Learn more about how Signiant replaces FTP and solves its security and performance deficiencies when moving media in the modern world.


Compare Your FTP Speed with Signiant

Take our File Transfer Calculator for a drive. Though we don’t offer options for every city and bandwidth, you can easily get a sense of the performance improvement you gain with Signiant products. Play around with different file sizes, bandwidth and locations. Note that the larger the file size, the higher the bandwidth and the further the location, the more you will benefit by using Signiant’s file acceleration technology. Of course, real world results may vary depending on your specific network configuration.

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