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    The Best FTP Alternative for Secure Enterprise File Transfers 

    Seeking a secure FTP alternative? Discover modern, encrypted fast file transfer protocols to protect your data from hackers. Explore Signiant’s advanced solutions today.
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    Feeling the Pain with an Outdated FTP System?

    If you’ve ever tried to send a large file using FTP, then you know that it just can’t be done. Here are 5 reasons to convince your bosses to find a cure for FTP ailments.
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    Surveying the FTP (File Transfer Playground) with Streaming Media & Signiant 

    If you’re a small company with a small team working on small projects, using FTP as your primary file transfer service might seem like a viable choice. Spoiler alert — it isn’t.
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    What the FTP?

    Nobody should sacrifice speed, security, reliability, or simplicity. Signiant offers software that serves as an FTP replacement no matter the size or needs of your business.
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    Companies can’t afford to keep trusting FTP

    Almost immediately after the SolarWinds attack, many companies were reminded once again to take a closer look at their own infrastructure and processes. Some reacted by moving security to the top of their priority list and ditching FTP.
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    Content Supply Chain Security is More Vital and Challenging Than Ever in a Global and Complex Media Landscape

    Not every company has a technology stack that provides consistent content security and high performance. For example, we often see companies, large and small, still relying on FTP, despite its well-known content security and performance issues. When companies finally replace FTP with modern SaaS solutions, they quickly realize they should have taken the step long ago.
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    Take Content Security Seriously or Risk Finding Yourself in a File Transfer Horror Story

    For media, content is your lifeblood, and—when it comes to file transfer—you need solutions that ensure its security, integrity, and accessibility at all times. Whether it’s failed transfers, jumbled workflows, or data breaches, you don’t need the struggles of inadequate file transfers keeping you up at night.
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    Today’s Media Reality? Bigger Files. Greater Distances.

    The media and entertainment industry is rapidly evolving. From the rise of online streaming to the demand for higher and higher quality files—can you imagine thinking 8K was on the horizon even 5 years ago—the realities of the business are changing, and organizations need to be sure to adapt.
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    FTP Replacement May Be Essential to Securing Content Supply Chains

    Efforts by major media enterprises and content security associations are seeking to replace FTP across the industry’s inherently interconnected global supply chain.
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    Sure Signs Your Media Business is Outgrowing FTP

    Most users of Signiant’s SaaS solutions were once reliant on FTP to transfer large media files. Here’s what they have to say about the transition.
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    The Death of Scripted FTP

    Most FTP systems operating in businesses today include numerous scripts to enable basic business functions, such as automation, notifications and storage.
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    The Best Way to Transfer Large Media Files Throughout Post Production

    Many post-production studios first look to FTP solutions to transfer media files. As their business grows, they run into a typical scenario.