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Accelerated innovation: What Signiant predicts for the 2021 horizon

As we head into 2021, it doesn’t appear companies are looking back, but rather are reflecting on what they learned and are now focused on shoring-up those workflows and tools.

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Hogarth Worldwide Joins Growing List of Global M&E Companies Using Google Cloud, Leveraging Signiant to Enable its Multi-Cloud Strategy

Signiant is excited to announce its role in connecting Hogarth Worldwide to Google Cloud and enabling high-speed file transfers. As the industry continues to trend towards a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud paradigm, Signiant’s unique SDCX SaaS platform plays an ever-increasing role in providing agility for media companies to access best of breed services across any cloud infrastructure, public or private.

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Signiant Appoints Mike Flathers to Spearhead M&E Customer Solutions

Today, Signiant announced that Mike Flathers is joining the company in the newly created role of Chief Solutions Officer. He is a member of Signiant’s senior leadership team and reports directly to CEO Margaret Craig.

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A watershed moment for the cloud under COVID-19

As the outbreak threw our industry into chaos, it became increasingly clear that organizations would have to take major steps to evolve their production and distribution models. Rigid strategies that once felt like sure things became untenable, and the growing importance of adaptability came crashing to the fore.

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FORECAST: Partly cloudy with a high chance of egress fees

From James Hattin, Founder and Creative Director of VFX Legion: The cheap and painless entry to the cloud hides many of the downsides. While moving your data into a public cloud generally has no incremental cost, transferring it out is where you can get sticker shock from egress fees.

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2019’s SVG Summit presents a thrilling look into a new decade of sports production

There’s so much going on in sports production. The technological innovations around graphics and AR, the advancement of resolutions, the distribution via OTT platforms, and the integration of social media all combine to make sports production a hot and dynamic place to be right now.

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What does 2020 have in store for media and entertainment organizations?

As the new year approaches, there are a number of exciting M&E trends on the horizon. New competition, emerging formats and platforms, and technology advancements promise to make 2020 a dynamic and fertile year for the industry.

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It’s a hybrid cloud/multi-cloud world!

By utilizing a combination of cloud and on-premises storage, media enterprises are able to more closely monitor valuable data, and more easily access lifeblood content.

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Signiant Revamps its Global Sales Team to Support Explosive Growth

The high-growth trajectory of our SaaS business has continued in 2019, with Media & Entertainment customers deploying ever-larger footprints of our innovative solutions to power their mission-critical workflows.

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Top three hot topics of NAB 2019

Common across the industry: hybrid cloud/multi-cloud architectures, transitioning from custom hardware/software to multi-tenant SaaS, and managing increasingly complex global supply chains.

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