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Hogarth Worldwide Joins Growing List of Global M&E Companies Using Google Cloud, Leveraging Signiant to Enable its Multi-Cloud Strategy

Oct 09, 2020 By Chris Fournelle

LEXINGTON, MA – October 9th, 2020 — Signiant Inc. is excited to announce its role in connecting Hogarth Worldwide to Google Cloud and enabling high-speed file transfers. As the industry continues to trend towards a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud paradigm, Signiant’s unique SDCX (Software-Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform plays an ever-increasing role in providing agility for media companies to access best of breed services across any cloud infrastructure, public or private.  

Hogarth Worldwide, a WPP-owned global creative marketing production company, is utilizing Google’s powerful cloud platform to minimize expenditures while speeding up productivity with Google Cloud’s flexible resources. Taking advantage of Signiant’s storage-agnostic SaaS platform, Hogarth can select the right solutions for the proper workflow.

“We work on campaigns across regions and around the world–including a global delivery center in Chennai, India. Using Signiant, we’re in a much better position to manage this infrastructure and efficiently access media assets across locations and public cloud providers. At the end of the day, we need flexibility, and with Google Cloud and Signiant’s storage abstraction, we can achieve that,” said Steven Butler, Hogarth Worldwide’s global head of production workflow and engineering. 

With modern challenges, Hogarth needed modern solutions for their storage and cloud services, with immediate availability for employees and customers alike.  This collaboration ensures teams can work remotely and serve the organization’s myriad and diverse client base securely, all while remaining flexible on the job. Additionally, because of the company’s global reach, Hogarth requires tools supporting a follow-the-sun model, where vital content moves along a supply chain, synchronized to the time zones of all those who need to receive it. As an answer to these needs, the combination of Google Cloud and Signiant was the perfect solution.

“We are excited that Signiant has partnered with Google Cloud and can solve the file access challenges for Hogarth,” said Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media and Entertainment Partnerships. “Hogarth benefits from both Google Cloud’s world-wide infrastructure and Signiant’s software-defined content exchange to enable their employees to access the right files at the right time.” 

“Hogarth has been an innovative and valuable Signiant partner for over a decade,” Signiant Managing Director, EMEA & APAC, Greg Hoskin said. “Their move to a multi-cloud strategy is something we see across the industry, and Hogarth is leading the way. We are proud to have them as a partner and that our platform is instrumental in helping them remain agile in these fast-moving times.”

By maximizing choice, Hogarth Worldwide is more in control of their content and its position in the supply chain, handling more files, more deftly. Thanks to Signiant’s hybrid SaaS architecture and commitment to storage independence, Hogarth is more nimble, more adaptable, and more empowered than ever. Signiant and Google Cloud are proud to have helped them achieve that position.

About Signiant 

Signiant’s SDCX (Software-Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform is relied upon by media companies of all sizes to move and access petabytes of high value content every day with speed, reliability and security. While file acceleration remains central to Signiant, its platform has evolved to include media-specific intelligence that solve challenges Beyond Fast File Movement. Thanks to its leadership in acceleration technology, its commitment to storage independence and its continued innovation in cloud-native SaaS, Signiant’s SaaS platform now connects more than 25,000 media companies from across the globe.  For more information, please visit

About Hogarth 

Hogarth are world leaders in creative production. We create and produce both advertising and marketing content on a global scale, working with clients and partners to develop tailored solutions that deliver the best work in the smartest way. Hogarth is part of WPP.

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