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    Creating Content: Local is the New Global

    At Signiant, we’re all about simplifying localization workflows. Aggregating content for processing and distribution and getting it to specific locations is the lynchpin of our entire product offering.
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    Signiant joins Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) as Silver Sponsor

    Signiant today announced it is joining the newly formed Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) as a silver sponsor. The formation of the EGA and Signiant’s sponsorship of the organization reflect the increasing importance of content localization.
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    SMPTE’s IMF continues evolving

    At any given time, a single piece of content can have dozens of versions to support all the formats, languages, and local regulations. This is why SMPTE published the IMF (Interoperable Master Format) standard.
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    Localization Prioritized by a New Consortium, EGA

    On November 17, 2020, the newly formed Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) was announced with the goal of helping support localization services. Based in Los Angeles, the 60-company consortium is billed as the first M&E association centered on content globalization in media.
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    The LMT is making localization more effective than ever

    Created in 2017 and officially launched in 2018, the LMT is a standardized and unified source of reference for media organizations looking to apply language-specific metadata to a given piece of content to enable localization.
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    Now you’re speaking my language: localization, dubbing, and file movement

    Agility and adaptability in localization swiftly become an even bigger part of a supply chain when that supply chain encompasses international partnerships and multiple versions of a given piece of media that will need to be crafted, tailored, and distributed.