Media Exchange

Advancements in imaging technology mean that file sizes are growing steadily. At the same time, those files need to be transferred more often throughout the production, postproduction ad distribution process. The result is a greater need for media exchange solutions that enable fast, reliable distribution of large files – without sacrificing content security, acceleration, or ease of use.

The media and entertainment industry has been working to keep up with this challenge for almost 20 years – ever since the transition from tape to file-based workflows began. From the beginning, Signiant has worked alongside the world’s largest media enterprises, developing advanced on-premises file transfer solutions that facilitate accelerated media exchange.

Since then, Signiant has become a pioneer in SaaS solutions in this space, been awarded multiple patents, and even an Emmy. Over the years, our powerful technology has continued to evolve, meeting and exceeding the challenges of secure media exchange posed by the cloud revolution. Our intelligent media exchange software helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over public and private networks.

Sending and receiving large files over long distances is generally not possible with standard IP technology. But Signiant’s patented acceleration technology, including on-premises software and SaaS solutions, transfer petabytes of high-value data between users, applications, and systems every day.

Signiant’s media exchange solutions improve on standard Internet transmission speeds – increasing the speed of large file transfer up to 200% when compared to standard methods (such as HTTP and FTP —by eliminating the impact of latency and effectively utilize available bandwidth. And, we’ve continued improving our core acceleration and security technologies as we’ve move into cloud-based software development.

The result? The world’s first SaaS large file transfer solution – Media Shuttle.

Media Shuttle is built upon Signiant’s core acceleration, reliability and security technology. Its contemporary architecture extends and enhances the core transport functionality, creating an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy solution for large file media exchange.

Interested in learning more? Read below, for more information related to media exchange – or click here for an overview of Signiant’s Media Shuttle.

The End of an Era: Mozilla Firefox says Goodbye to NPAPI plugins »

Following Google Chrome’s discontinuation of NPAPI support in September 2015, Mozilla is scheduled to discontinue its own support with the release of Firefox 52 on March 7, 2017. What does the Mozilla Firefox update mean for current Media Shuttle and Media Exchange customers?


Google starts to wave goodbye to plug-ins »

Unfortunately, with the recent release of Chrome version 42, Google has begun the process of discontinuing support for plug-ins. This change will impact all Media Shuttle, Media Exchange and Transfer API users that are using Chrome version 42+.


Encompass Makes Signiant its Preferred Choice for Extreme File Sharing of Massive Digital Media Files »

Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment, today said that premier digital media services provider Encompass Digital Media has expanded its deployment of Signiant’s award-winning extreme file sharing and workflow automation technology worldwide, making Signiant its preferred file transport technology. Six of Encompass’ global broadcast facilities, serving over 800 television network channels worldwide, can now leverage Signiant’s superior workflow management, secure, accelerated transfer and centralized management and reporting tools for file-based content movement, to and from clients as well as transfers within its global network.


SVG | Maple Leafs Keep Fans Locked In With Improved Video Workflow Powered by Signiant, Dalet »

“We embed producers with each of the teams: they travel on the team plane, they travel on the team bus, and they feed us back stories that we want to get turned around very quickly,” says Ed Holmes, director of engineering, MLSE. “We take the game and create what we call a Game in Six, which is a six-minute highlight package, [and] we integrate that with a lot of the feature things. I mean, we shoot on the bus, we shoot anywhere we can, [and] we try to get it back here to Toronto as quickly as possible.”


Art of the Guillotine | Burbank’s 2G Digital Creates First Ultra-Efficient ‘Media Factory’ »

One factor that drove our adoption of the Signiant solution were requests from several of our large studio customers that also have existing investments in Signiant. The software provides powerful security, management and control of automated file exchanges between 2G Digital and clients with Signiant agents, speeding such tasks as the processing of raw content, adding metadata and closed captions, or formatting conversions for distribution in other countries. Signiant’s Media Exchange software offers 2G Digital a powerful and interactive tool for initiating desktop-to-desktop transfers, in turn enabling secure delivery of finished content to broadcasters and playout centers.