post production

Filmmaking is a lot more complicated than you might think. Careful designing and planning happens during pre-production. The film is visualized through story-boarding, the crew is hired, and every one does early preparation. During production, the video is created and shot. For television shows and film, multiple people—from the director to the grips—spend several hours preparing the shoots.  After production ends, the crew might throw a warp party, but the project is far from over.

Post production frequently takes even longer than the production phase. Multiple people are involved in the video editing alone. On top of video editing, there is work on the soundtrack, sound design, and sound effects. Visual special effects have to be added, and we really like special effects in contemporary film. Additionally, there is usually some type of color correction that happens.

The video editing workflow process is complicated, very time consuming, and involves several people. Luckily, the digital revolution has made post production automation easier and faster. During post production, Signiant helps move data files for post production and visual effects studios so everyone can work on their part of the project. The faster everyone can transfer the files, the faster the work can get done.

OMNIMAGO, a provider of production and post production services, recently started using Media Shuttle. Technical Manager of OMNIMAGO said that Media Shuttle allowed them to move their large files more than 20 times faster than before and with the flexibility and reliability they need. Signiant software has been involved in several post-production projects at Envy Post Production, NFL Films, and Deluxe Digital Studios. Multiple post houses told us they’ve replaced physical couriers with Media Shuttle to deliver digital media in London and around the world, saving money and time.

Check out the following articles to read more about post production automation and Signiant software.

  • Signiant Appoints Wellen+Nöthen as German Reseller

    “File transfer is more than just high speed digital transfer from A to B; automated digital workflows are key to using the full power offered by new technology. Signiant’s software is the first and only complete integrated digital supply chain solution with open interfaces and in-house and wide area transfer workflow options. We are delighted to be working with Signiant in Germany.”
  • In-Three Selects Signiant to Improve Workflow and Digital Asset Management of 3D Film Creation

    To meet the company’s high throughput requirements, streamline the file transfer process, and increase editing productivity, In-Three chose Signiant. The solution’s central management functionality enables In-Three’s production staff to speed delivery of content while monitoring the multi-step process of creating 3D content from 2D original material.
  • Lifetime Networks Selects Signiant’s File-based Media Distribution Software

    “With Signiant, we found a proven software-based solution that not only provides us with WAN acceleration, but the ability to intelligently allocate bandwidth, and centrally manage, track and approve file transfers. Signiant will serve as the foundation of our bi-coastal digital media distribution strategy.”
  • Deluxe Chooses Signiant to Help Bring Hollywood Motion Pictures from Script to Screen

    Deluxe Digital Studios has selected Signiant file movement software to automate, accelerate and secure the distribution of post-production materials for motion pictures from major Hollywood studios and broadcast companies.
  • Leading Broadcasters Look to Signiant for Digital Delivery Requirements

    The meeting included discussions of new ideas such as enabling the post-production community to leverage the Signiant network, as well as suggestions for new or improved functionality of Signiant’s software, and a sneak preview of the Signiant product roadmap.
  • Five Adopts Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Software

    Five will begin replacing its tape based operations and manual processes with the implementation of digital media distribution and workflow automation from Signiant. The solution will interact with other systems such as Digital Asset Management, Transcode and QC systems to provide a digital media supply chain that spans both the Five operation and their affiliate partners.
  • Siemens IT Services Selects Signiant for Digital Media Initiative at World’s Largest Broadcaster

    “We are delighted to be working with Siemens on this exciting initiative, which will transform the way content is created and delivered to multiple platforms. Signiant’s technology will play a key role in the move away from costly, time-consuming and environmentally unsound tape-based workflows to file-based digital production.”
  • Signiant Technology Transport Backbone Integrates with IBM Media Hub Solution Framework

    Acting as a content bus, Signiant allows users to easily and securely share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time. This means that distributed teams, business partners and outside vendors can easily share and exchange files regardless of size.
  • Pepper Becomes Europe’s First Post Facility to Deploy Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Solution

    With a reputation for successfully embracing pioneering technologies, Pepper has become Europe’s first facility to implement a robust and integrated solution to simultaneously manage, secure, automate and accelerate the movement of digital assets between its London location and its client base, which includes BBC and HBO.