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    Bandwidth vs. Throughput, and How to Get the Most Out of Your Network

    Signiant’s accelerated file transfer solutions are designed to optimize transfers based on file and storage type, distance, and network conditions, to make sure you get the most out of all available bandwidth. And, the bigger the pipe, the more we can help!
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    Moving data across the global content supply chain

    One of our technology partners, Dell EMC, caught up with Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton at NAB and produced this great video about the global media supply chain.
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    Why We Love Media Shuttle

    We love talking to customers who are transforming the way they do business and thinking of different ways Media Shuttle can help them do even more. We thought it would be interesting to run through our top 5 favorite things about Media Shuttle.
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    Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton to Present at 2012 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference

    “The full promise of file-based workflow can only be achieved through seamless interaction between products from multiple vendors. FIMS applies SOA principles that have transformed traditional business systems architecture to the specific requirements of media,” said Hamilton. “In this presentation we’ll share practical lessons learned building the FIMS test harness and using the test harness to validate our FIMS implementation.”
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    Top 10 Reasons to Try Media Shuttle

    Our new subscription-based fast file transfer software is here! And, we’re offering up a free 14-day trial of Media Shuttle so you can see just how incredible it is. Read about the ‘Top 10 Reasons’ to try it today.