Why We Love Media Shuttle

I Love Media Shuttle

I love Media Shuttle. That’s it, I said it. Phew, that felt good to get off my chest.

I may be a little biased because I’ve been watching it grow over the past four years, but please let that slide. The Signiant team loves talking to customers who are transforming the way they do business and thinking of different ways Media Shuttle can help them do even more. Everyone loves its unsurpassed speed, reliability and built-in scalability; but I thought it would be interesting to run through my top 5 favorite things about Media Shuttle’s other features, and what they mean for you.

  1. No learning curve

If people in your company—or at your customers’ or partners’ companies—know how to drag, drop, and view email, then they’re already expert Media Shuttle users. Because that’s all it takes to send, share or receive a file up to 200x faster than standard FTP transfers. Why is this important? Because time is precious, and you need to use a tool that the people actually doing the work can intuitively pick up and use, without the steep learning curve.

  1. Putting the control where it’s needed

IT Admins can delegate administration rights to team managers, giving them a powerful view behind every portal, and enabling them to add, remove and manage users, as needed. Because managers can handle their own day-to-day administration of the portal, and see everything that happens, they are in full control of how media is managed in the workflow, and less reliant on technical assistance—which makes IT happier too.

  1. Storage freedom

In a victory for storage independence, IT Admins can define and control the access rights and rules for the storage behind each portal independently. Even better, you can configure some portals for on-premises storage, in multiple locations if needed, others for your cloud object storage tenancy in Amazon S3, and still others for Microsoft Azure. It is completely up to you.

  1. Control your look and feel

Your company identity is important to you, but so often is the specific project, customer or business unit your users are assigned to. Through the Ops Admin interface a manager can, in just a few clicks, give a visual identity to any portal they manage, controlling the background and the logo that appears to all users. And each portal can have its own distinct look and feel. You can even pick any one of six languages for your portal labels.

  1. Painless FTP migration

Moving staff en masse from a familiar old FTP directory structure is hard on everyone. The Share portal in Media Shuttle avoids this challenge by allowing you to preserve the folder names and structure that everyone knows, while adding the speed, reliability, security and control of Media Shuttle behind the scenes, and the easy to use and powerful user interfaces on top. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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