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    DPP and Signiant Launch Real-time Research Project into Remote Working in the Time of Coronavirus

    The DPP, in partnership with Signiant, has launched a four-month longitudinal research project to chart how feelings and behaviors around remote and distributed working develop across the media industry through the course of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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    For Esports, COVID-19 is far from ‘game over’

    Esports — with its democratic production models, vast and diverse offerings, and a passionate and vocal fanbase extremely tapped into social media — is an incredible opportunity for media organizations who recognize the need to be creative, flexible, and vigilant under COVID-19.
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    Will COVID-19 change the way we work — forever?

    From Signiant and the DPP: The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the media industry – like all industries – is huge and unprecedented. One of the most immediate impacts is the need for almost every company to adopt remote working, using cloud-based tools.
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    Why M&E Businesses are Moving Away From Online File Sharing Tools for Their Valuable Media Assets

    Many of our customers employ both Media Shuttle along with online file sharing tools, using the latter for small in-house files. Still, at the end of the day, the bulk of content that drives the M&E industry is simply not suited for online file sharing tools, and using them can jeopardize security, productivity, and overall success.
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    Jet wins Digital Media World’s Gold Award

    Signiant is proud to announce that Jet — cloud-native SaaS solution for the automated transfer of large file between systems around the world — has just received the Digital Media World Gold award in cloud infrastructures and delivery.
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    Media industry veteran Brian Chavez joins Signiant as VP, Business Development

    Meet Brian Chavez! With wide-ranging sales and consulting experience, he’s helping Signiant better serve our customers, our industry, and the many businesses that our solutions impact.
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    What does 2020 have in store for media and entertainment organizations?

    As the new year approaches, there are a number of exciting M&E trends on the horizon. New competition, emerging formats and platforms, and technology advancements promise to make 2020 a dynamic and fertile year for the industry.
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    Herzlich Willkommen, Jens!

    Sit in on our conversation with the newest member of the Signiant team: Jens Fischer. Jens shares his thoughts on Esports, the future of media workflows, and the popularity of remote production.
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    When it comes to content production and distribution, what’s keeping you up at night?

    Do you worry about security in the wake of major media industry hacks? Do you wonder if the content you sent has arrived at its destination? Are you pondering how to tap into a global talent pool or collaborate with partners around the world?
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    Bienvenue à Signiant, Xavier!

    Signiant is excited to welcome Xavier Gentric to our EMEA team as the new Territory Sales Manager, based in France! This past week we had the chance to connect with Xavier to discuss his understanding of the media and entertainment landscape and its current trajectory.
  • Signiant Initiatives Further Media Industry Adoption of FIMS

    At NABShow 2013 in Las Vegas next week, the market leader in software for intelligent file movement will demonstrate its FIMS implementation in action, and discuss the company’s technical leadership in the development of the FIMS test harness and RESTful interfaces for FIMS.
  • Signiant Appoints Adam Feinzig as Chief Financial Officer

    Feinzig joins Signiant from Sermo, the largest online physician community in the U.S., where as CFO, he helped scale the digital media company across multiple channels and regions. Prior to this, Feinzig was vice president of finance at Gomez – an Internet infrastructure company – during the time when the rapidly growing SaaS company was in the SEC filing process to go public and was sold to Compuware in a highly successful transaction.