Jet wins Digital Media World’s Gold Award

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Signiant is proud to announce that Jet — our cloud-native SaaS solution for the automated and accelerated transfer of large files between systems around the world — has just received the Digital Media World Gold award.

Launched in March of this year at the 2019 NAB Show, Jet is no stranger to accolades. At that conference, the solution was awarded NAB Show Product of the Year as well as TV Technology’s Best of Show. Jet’s reception has been immensely exciting for Signiant, and the reactions to the product have helped drive adoption of our product across a variety of use cases for both internal company transfers and recurring data exchange with partners. 

Jet provides dynamic system-to-system transfer for a dynamic industry

As workflows have become increasingly complex across the M&E industry, the need for enterprise-grade file transfer solutions that don’t disrupt or slow down essential operations has become vital. In many cases, system-to-system transfers are a critical element to simplifying these complex processes and expediting repeating tasks. Consider the Malaysian subtitling organization Yusari Filem, which must regularly send Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) to cinemas around the nation. With Jet, the company was able to streamline this process, by setting up a new service called ‘Move by Yusari’ in major theaters that relies upon Signiant Jet to automatically send DCPs to their network of theatres. With Jet, the result was a faster, more secure, and even greener approach to moving content. As per Avinash Suresh, director at DCP: “This solution would never have been possible without Signiant Jet’s acceleration, reliability and multi-layered security technology.”

And that’s just one of many examples! Jet’s lights-out automated file transfers help support all different aims, and bridge the gap between time zones and locations, allowing fast and reliable file transfers across any distance and easing the pressure of today’s fast-paced content creation and distribution cycle. Jet meets the growing need to replace scripted FTP, rsync and other legacy transfer tools with an alternative that is better suited to the needs of a modern and dynamic industry. Jet’s unique model brings advanced acceleration and automation to any size business furthering Signiant’s mission to connect the global media supply chain.

Jetting toward the future

Less than a year after its release, Jet is already transforming the way that media enterprises approach file transfer and their workflows as a whole. On the cusp of a new decade, the need for innovative solutions has never been more apparent, and Signiant is thrilled to provide tools that help businesses like Yusari stay on top of the challenges and hurdles they face.

Our sincere thanks to DMW for their recognition of Jet as a transformative force in infrastructure and file transfer.

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