When it comes to content production and distribution, what’s keeping you up at night?

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Do you worry about security in the wake of major media industry hacks? Do you wonder if the content you sent has arrived at its destination? Are you pondering how to tap into a global talent pool or collaborate with partners around the world?

In one way or another, major media revolves around delivery: of an emotion, an experience, or a file. As media and entertainment organizations face the unique challenges of the upcoming years, it’s that last component that drives nearly everything else. The business of media is collaborative, and for any given enterprise—a film studio, a television broadcaster, or a game developer—to deliver the incredible experiences they hope define their brand, they need to consider the imperatives of transferring, securing, and storing their content.

Through a variety of solutions designed specifically for M&E businesses—Media Shuttle, Jet, Managers+Agents, Flight—Signiant has transformed how media organizations exchange high value content. With our patented acceleration technology, easy to navigate central management functionalities, enterprise-level security features, and unmatched scalability and flexibility, every Signiant product help media juggernauts such as Xbox, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, and the NHL move their content swiftly and securely—so that they can meet deadlines, collaborate with a global supply chain, maintain visibility and security throughout the process and ultimately play their part in delivering the best content possible to consumers.

In The Signiant Advantage, we explain why the media industry chooses Signiant. No matter the size of your files, the distance of your transfer, the urgency of your deadline, our tools are here to empower your organization and optimize your results.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it!

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