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    March is Filled With Exciting Industry Events

    Virtual events, webcasts and exhibitions continue in March, and Signiant is participating alongside industry leaders and innovators in a number of summits!
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    Introducing AWS S3 Cloud Object Storage for Signiant Jet

    To back up our belief in storage choice and enhance a growing list of supported storage options, Signiant introduces AWS S3 cloud object storage for Jet.
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    At Your Service: How Signiant Customer Support Achieves a 90+ NPS Year After Year

    Customer Support is the group tying all Signiant product teams together, a key service in any software company. M&E is a dynamic and challenging industry, and those who succeed most often are those who have an infrastructure to match that.
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    Signiant joins Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) as Silver Sponsor

    Signiant today announced it is joining the newly formed Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) as a silver sponsor. The formation of the EGA and Signiant’s sponsorship of the organization reflect the increasing importance of content localization.
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    Introducing ‘Metadata Everywhere,’ a New Content Series by Signiant

    To deliver on the ‘intelligence’ in Signiant’s intelligent file transfer software, we generate, extract, manage, and take actions based on all sorts of metadata.
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    ENVY Remote drives collaboration with a Signiant assist

    When working with ENVY Remote, users need a secure and efficient way to move content into and out of the platform. As noted on their website: ENVY Remote’s Files service, uses Signiant to give the team secure access to their Client Store.
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    Accelerated innovation: What Signiant predicts for the 2021 horizon

    As we head into 2021, it doesn’t appear companies are looking back, but rather are reflecting on what they learned and are now focused on shoring-up those workflows and tools.
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    Post-Transfer Actions for Jet

    Workflows are often hectic for all involved, and it’s critical that teams be able to effectively manage their files before, during and after a transfer. Jet automates these repetitive tasks to put less strain on IT and operations teams.
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    “Separating Signal from Noise” explores the mechanics of machine learning at Signiant

    Signiant helps M&E companies leverage machine learning today both directly and indirectly, directly by leveraging machine learning in our patent-pending intelligent transport architecture. That architecture looks at a variety of inputs from both current and historical network conditions to determine the best possible path to move a particular data set over a network under the current conditions.
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    Signiant solutions add Google Cloud and on-prem object storage support, furthering our commitment to storage independence

    The Signiant platform (including Manager+Agents versions 14.1 and higher) now supports on-prem file storage, S3 Compatible on-prem object storage, and cloud object storage from AWS, Azure and now Google Cloud Platform.
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    Chesapeake Systems and Signiant expand partnership

    Chesapeake Systems and Signiant are delighted to announce that Chesapeake has become an official Signiant reseller. Having worked as a Signiant SI partner for many years, this deepening of the relationship between the two is an obvious next step given Signiant’s proven capabilities and partnership with key MAM technology partners of Chesapeake Systems and of StorExcel, the company which Chesapeake Systems acquired in April.
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    What COVID-19 and the 2007 Writers Strike have in common

    M&E is an immensely dynamic industry, and the most successful enterprises within it have always proven themselves to be adaptable, flexible, and unafraid to think outside the box. Examples of disruption in the past — such as the 2007-2008 Writers Strike — offer a valuable handbook to how to approach moments of uncertainty.