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    Signiant Customers Shine in Oscar’s Spotlight

    Despite setbacks, Oscar shined a spotlight on an array of fantastic work, legendary faces, and memorable moments this year. Signiant was happy to see some familiar names among those honored.
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    The 2021 Visual Effects Society Awards Spotlight Signiant Customers

    Signiant congratulates customers whose achievements were honored by the Visual Effects Society, both as winners and nominees. Thank you for your incredible talents! Thank you for being a Signiant customer.
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    Congratulations to Oscar-winning Signiant customers

    We offer our sincere congratulations to everyone whose work the Oscars honored, and we want to extend some very special applause to some of those winners with whom we’ve had the opportunity to work over the years.
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    Blackwater Digital Services Uses Accelerated File Transfer to Achieve Post-production Success

    To make sure that they receive the content they need—and that they can deliver it to their customers under tight deadlines—post-production houses like Blackwater Digital Services need file transfer solutions that are fast, secure, and easy to use.
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    FORECAST: Partly cloudy with a high chance of egress fees

    From James Hattin, Founder and Creative Director of VFX Legion: The cheap and painless entry to the cloud hides many of the downsides. While moving your data into a public cloud generally has no incremental cost, transferring it out is where you can get sticker shock from egress fees.
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    Image Sequence Formats – the challenge of collaborating on millions of files

    Image sequence files are usually managed within a hierarchical file system structure and are stored as folders containing multiple image sequence files. When collaborating in these formats, especially across locations and companies, new challenges arise.
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    Today’s Media Reality? Bigger Files. Greater Distances.

    The media and entertainment industry is rapidly evolving. From the rise of online streaming to the demand for higher and higher quality files—can you imagine thinking 8K was on the horizon even 5 years ago—the realities of the business are changing, and organizations need to be sure to adapt.