App-less Transfers: A new option in Media Shuttle for supporting our customers’ entire ecosystems

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Signiant recently introduced an “app-less” transfer option for Media Shuttle, our easy to use cloud-native SaaS solution for user-initiated sending and sharing of large files. This new option enables authorized users to access their files from anywhere, on any device, without needing to install any special software. While most users engage with Signiant systems via an installed application or browser plug-in to take advantage of accelerated transport, there are some situations where this is impractical.

We mostly see this situation with Media Shuttle customers who have their own customers in highly regulated industries – such as finance, healthcare, and insurance – operating with locked down corporate IT environments. Within Media & Entertainment this is a common challenge for companies such as advertising agencies, but we also see it with some of our customers outside of the M&E industry, such as drone companies providing services to large, highly information-sensitive, entities in areas like the energy sector, agriculture, or government agencies.

While still maintaining full security (i.e. access control, logging, encrypted transfers, etc.), there are “costs” to making app-less transfers. Above all, app-less transfers do not use Signiant’s patented acceleration, but instead rely on standard TCP-based transport, with all its limitations around speed when moving large files over distance. So this option should always only ever be used in those “edge cases” where installing the software is simply not an option.

Enabled by Media Shuttle’s unique architecture – which separates out the data transfer functions from the user interfaces, monitoring and reporting functions – the app-less option allows extending the solution’s adoption across our customers’ entire media ecosystems. System administrators can maintain full control and visibility of every transfer, while all end users enjoy a simple, uniform experience. We strongly recommend that users always send, receive and share their files using the installed software. But in those cases where they cannot, this option ensures that the user experience and all the centralized management and monitoring provided by Media Shuttle still apply. The option also provides a valuable alternative to resorting to cumbersome mechanisms, such as shipping hard drives, or using unsanctioned tools such as consumer-grade online file sharing services.

Supported for both on-premises and cloud storage Media Shuttle deployments, the app-less transfer option is enabled or disabled by IT administrators on a per portal basis. So if enabled, it is an option for every user of that portal, whether they can install the software or not.

For this reason, in a situation where installing software, and getting all the speed and other benefits of doing so, is not an issue for any users of a given portal, we recommend disabling the option for app-less transfers. Human nature being what it is, when users are presented with the option to not download and install the software, some of them may be tempted to choose the “friction-less” route. The result of this would be that those users would not be experiencing the full benefits available to them of Signiant accelerated transfers. So, for users of portals where the option is enabled, education and policies around installing the software will be the key to ensuring everyone is getting the greatest value from Media Shuttle.

Just remember, everyone who can install and use the Signiant software for performing their Media Shuttle transfers should do so.

For a deeper dive into why the installed software is needed for the full Signiant accelerated file transfer experience, what the benefits are beyond just speed, where app-less fits in, and what the pros and cons are, please read the article What’s Media Shuttle’s App-less Transfer Option All About.

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