Be Empowered by Predictability

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The huge benefit of knowing precisely when files will arrive

We recently spoke to a number of customers about their experience making the transition to Media Shuttle. We asked how “Shuttle” impacted their business, what’s gone well and what could be better. The customers we spoke to are located around the world including LA, London, NY, and Sweden. Given the many dozens of features and benefits Shuttle provides and the different environment of each customer, we were surprised by how consistent the responses were.

One comment echoed by each of the customers was how Media Shuttle’s predictability made the biggest difference to their business. The power to know when files will arrive has allowed them to plan their workday and set appropriate expectations with their clients and team members. For example, one of the customers from a post production company in LA receives dailies for several TV shows they work on. With Media Shuttle, they know how long it will take to get the files from the filming location back to LA. With that information they can set reasonable deadlines for receiving content to ensure it will arrive when the editors in LA start work the next morning.

Media Shuttle’s predictability comes from a combination of benefits: speed, ease-of-use, security and reliability

Another customer talked about how ‘time is of the essence’ with his clients. One thing his team does is create high-resolution product launch videos for major automotive companies. In one example he talked about a client who spent upwards of $1M on their product launch event. In the final hours before the event, the client asked for last minute changes to their video content- not an uncommon request these days. Knowing how long it would take to send the files between locations allowed the production team to plan accordingly and meet the 12 hour deadline.

When hearing our customers talk about how much they value predictability it made me wonder what drives that need. I did a quick search and found an interesting article written a while back by the Harvard Business Review on the Power of Predictability. In short, that article talks about how people inherently desire predictability and organization. Predictability helps people know what to expect which builds trust in the process, that trust in turn helps them be more efficient – a quality that is essential in today’s business. As a film director friend of mine once said to me…

“I love the film production process. It’s a consistent process where everyone knows his or her role. There is no guesswork, and ultimately that predictability gives me more time to experiment with the creative. A more predictable process equals a better end product.”

These customers pointed out that predictability with Media Shuttle doesn’t come from one function on its own. It’s the combination of speed, ease-of-use, security, and reliability which together empower users to be more efficient and organized. And as a result, more energy can be spent focusing on the core business – creating great content – and driving growth.


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