How to Better Manage Multiple Storage Types Across Your Media Business

manage complex storage

Most media businesses juggle multiple storage types. Unless your company is a startup that has gone straight to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, you’re likely in this boat. Some types of storage are strategically put in place to handle tiers of archiving, disaster recovery, backup and active projects, or to support specific locations, clients or teams.

But others were inherited from mergers and acquisitions, from earlier eras in the company, and from file transfer or sharing software that includes bundled storage or requires specific storage types. The later — software that dictates storage choice — is an often overlooked layer that can further complicate storage management across your company.

Choosing large file transfer and sharing software that is storage independent is ideal for media businesses with multiple storage types and for companies that want to take advantage of emerging storage solutions. Look for software that can work with all common storage types including on-premises and cloud. Additionally, beware of software vendors who also sell storage (or are owned by companies that sell storage) or who bundle storage with software packages. In the long run, storage vendor lock-in could become problematic.

Storage agnostic file transfer software creates an important abstraction layer across your business, allowing media asset managers to freely move and store files based on business strategy, tiered storage type, user type, and locations, projects, teams and clients. This freedom of choice is critical not only for managing current storage effectively, but for future growth and the ability to take advantage of new and better storage types.

If you are interested in learning more about storage independence and managing today’s complex storage landscape, download Signiant’s eBook on the subject.

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