Congratulations to Groupe Média TFO on your IBC innovation award!

By Meg Cater

Every year at IBC, awards are given to honor new developments in media broadcasting. But mere innovation and success won’t get you one of these prestigious awards, the IBC panel of judges looks for something quite specific: projects that creatively solve real-world problems through collaboration between the broadcaster and its technology partners.

We want to congratulate our customer and partner, Groupe Média TFO (the largest producer and distributor of French-language educational and cultural media content in Canada), for winning this year’s second place award for the most innovative use of technology in content management, and for all the hard work they put into getting there.

According to a recent press release, their model for “a new production environment based on effective and cutting–edge tools” allowed them to go from three editing rooms to 50 editing stations, while improving production by 40% and decreasing reliance on freelancers by 50%.

Congratulations to everyone at TFO! We are so happy Signiant was able to be a part of your success!

Pictured: Eric Minoli (right), TFO’s Chief Technology and Optimization Officer, with Allan Yates, Signiant’s manager of media integrations, at IBC2014

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