Customer Voices: Reliable File Transfers Allows Focus on Other Critical Tasks

Send large files securely across distances or to and from the cloud

In the media and entertainment industry, reliable transfers of large files are essential for success. Regardless of file size, distance, or quantity, file transfer reliability is critical for meeting deadlines, maintaining data integrity, enhancing collaboration, minimizing costs, ensuring quality, and satisfying customers and viewers. 

Consistent reliability in file transfers mitigates errors, reduces costs, and upholds content quality from production to distribution. Here’s what customers are saying:   

Stan Cassio, President, Mango/NewEdit: Anytime you can find a solution that you have confidence that it will just work, day in and day out, makes it that much easier to focus on other issues, to speed up other things, to take one more thing off your plate that you’re dealing with every day. It’s great.

Andrew Marescotto, Director of IT and Program Management, Blue Ant Media: I had to go to my media services guy and say, “Are we good with Signiant?” Because honestly, when you don’t hear anything, 90% of the time I assume it’s a good thing.

Luis Albritton, Fmr. Chief Engineer, Definition 6: Our usage of Media Shuttle is only growing, too. This component of the service makes fast, reliable access to content securely easier than we could have imagined, and without having to integrate a new technology stack or train the users on a new deployment.

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, reliable file transfers are the cornerstone of success. Learn more about Signiant’s commitment to reliability. 

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